Saturday, October 09, 2021

Caddy Shack-ish

It is hunt time. Thank goodness for comprehensive insurance.  The dealership tech sent the photos of the damage to the claims adjuster. The new part will be in next week. That is, if shipping isn't slowed because of the back log that USPS is experiencing.

After that part is replaced, they have to make sure that the transmission was not damaged. Ohhhh crap, right?

So I have declared War on that gopher I saw walking around the back end of my 'Ru earlier this week.  There are conflicting studies that say the soy based wiring in newer vehicles attract rodents. However I do have some arsenals in my bag of tricks aside from a .22 with a scope.

Ammonia and mothballs down any hidey hole really work well.  NOT leaving my vehicle parked in the same spot IN the grass for a week is also a solution.

I can park my 'Ru in the shed and place some moth balls for good measure on the mat I put under the engine. [The shed is a machine shed and has a dirt floor. It serves as a place for hay storage, machinery storage, and junk storage.]

Another choice is an obvious one. Damage to my vehicles is not something I want to reoccur. I shot 3 of them this summer and have chased them out of our outbuildings with mothballs and ammonia. 

I will simply have to treat them with some TomCat poison this winter.

And before anyone has an opinion that is negative, consider the thousands of dollars of damage done to vehicles by rodents each year. I'll only put the 'goodies' next to the horse trailer where I park. Trapping them has been futile. 

And blowing them up? Well, that crossed my mind but not feasible....but it sure would be exciting!

Have a greeeeatttt Day!


  1. Squirrels are just as bad and mice too...I bought a bag of repellant to put in the new old car at the farm store...hope it works. They can cause so much damage. Hope your car part comes in and the transmission is ok. What a mess:(

    1. I generally sprinkle some mothballs around the engine parts in the back of our riding mower and one or two on my little push mower for good measure.
      I would love to see what the insurance does with this.

      I was also sent a pretty nice offer on my 'Ru that is in the shop. Hmmmm.

  2. I assume my previous comment is circulating cyberspace. Sigh. I lose a lot of blogger comments when I respond on my phone & should really just stick to reading when mobile.

    Anywho, hope your Subaru repair goes smoothly. As for the varmint, you gotta do what you gotta do. My concern with using poison methods is always cats, but it doesn't seem like feline are part of your four legged family.

    1. You may have replied to the other post? The one with the 'Ru going bye bye...I really like the loaner and depending on the shipment of parts, I may have it for at least a week or so.
      I understand the cat situation. We don't have any feral cats around and I have alerted my neighbor who has one cat that goes out about it.
      Last ground hog I shot was taken by Turkey Vultures and birds. [I used a trail cam to see what happened]
      If I do use poison I will be careful.

      More than likely the mothballs may do the trick. You are wise to point that out to me! Thank you.


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