Monday, October 25, 2021

Comparisons trees & brush

 Bittersweet May 1st in blossom

Bittersweet August 20th

Bittersweet September 20th

Bittersweet October 22nd

This was one plant I was pretty sure of. I was able to photograph it from spring to fall.
Properly dried Bittersweet is often sought after by the old timers as a Fall and Thanksgiving decoration in vases or on wreaths. Who can blame them? They are so bright and cheerful.

Here is the mystery bush that turned out to be a Hazelnut.

These are being sought after also as a alternative crop. Hazelnut coffee? The wildlife and humans both adore the nut. See? I will have to pay attention next year!

Hazelnut bush September 9th

Hazelnut bush September 24th

Hazelnut bush October 9th

Hazelnut bush October 22nd

Then there is the Dogwood. I didn't even know we had dogwood around until after I'd visited my son and he'd shown me some of his beautiful varieties in his yard. I recall looking at the blossoms in the early spring along side our road.

Dogwood Blossoms May 1st

August 20th 

October 22

Oak Tree May 1st

October 22

Another oak variety with rounded edges on the leaves.
White oak.

I think that is about it for today. I'm actually haveing some fun with trying my best to learn more about tree and how to ID them. This has evaded me most of my life.

However this summer while at my son's place, we spent quite a bit of time looking identifying trees around his home. For whatever reason, I found that really interesting.

I always start out with these exact good intentions every spring [to follow a plant from spring to fall] ... and usually forget about it. I didn't do too badly this year.
I'm looking forward to some winter ID'ing and more!

I need to get back to where I saw those Witch Hazels at KVR! That will be my goal next week!


  1. We have Hazelnuts here, we call it Hazel brush here. The nuts seem to get wormy before they are ripe and the squirrels or deer or birds take them. Nice photographs!

    1. I heard that they really were loved by the wildlife. I'll have to watch them this year and see I can watch them grow 'nuts'! :)

  2. Love this!! Phenology is a great way to learn about nature. I would not have recognized anything but the oaks. Our oak leaves are more colorful and reddish than I have seen in the past 5 years. I am loving it! Most years they are mostly yellow and/or dull burnt orange.

    1. I keep forgetting that interesting word for this....

      Today it is raining leaves!

    2. LOVE raining leaves! Lucky you!! I've been thinking about which oak is which oak on my walks, rounded leaves or...I know, it's an oak!!!

    3. Hah hah! I know there used to be a saying about red oaks having pointy leaves and white oaks being round ended. But that is all I know about the oaks around here!
      An oak has always been an oak...unless it is a scrub oak! Like why is it named that? Do you scrub with it?


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