Monday, October 04, 2021

Sunday's Fun

Well Sunday morning started out rainy and muggly. That's Val Speak for Rainy and Humid.
 That means it still felt like August and not like October at all.

So I decided to do some projects indoors instead of all the stuff I wanted to do outside. Fall does that to me. 
I attacked some cobwebs, washed all the floors after sucking up Charlie hair [how can such a tiny dog leave so much hair behind???].

Then I finished one of my pressed leaves projects. I set the leaves into a large frame with some colored paper.

I don't have a photo of the finished part, but I'll get that soon. While the rain poured down outside, I went on to some other busy hand work so I wouldn't spend time messing around on my laptop.

When I do get these items finished, I will take some shots of them. I'm making 'stuff'. I have an idea but it is just hiding in the 'creative' section of my brain. 

The rain let up and it looked like it would be a nice afternoon, so I took Master Charlie for a stroll.
Uffdah! The new house on the ridge has added to the dog issue. The one dog that I sprayed pepper gel on the ground between us did NOT come out but walked slowly behind us.

The new house has two dogs. They came bounding across the field. I recognized the Blue Tick Aussie Cattle Dog. I'm not going into that story, but now I know who is moving into the new house. The owners of the two places that have bothersome dogs are all brothers from the same family. In the past 15 years three boys and their wives have made their dad's inherited cropland places to build their homes.

I had picked up Charlie. The Aussie and an old mutt walked around me. I just waited. I guess they decided I was not interesting. I walked on and let Charlie back down to walk on his own. 

I would like to talk with the owners of the dogs and try to come to some sort of understanding. I know that demanding that they keep their dogs off the road and keep them from running is not going to work. Perhaps I can get a formal introduction to the dogs. Perhaps I can get a safe and supervised introduction with Charlie and their dogs.

We walked on. Charlie had no interest in the other three dogs that were now sniffing butts and walking stiff legged around each other. Three dogs running together is not a good combination.

As we went further down the road I could hear the owners start to call their dogs.

I was not going to let dogs ruin our walk. 

A light mist began to fall and in a way, I think it made this scene much prettier. It subdued the colors in a way, yet they still stood out.

My son got home from his long vacation to Vermont and the East Coast. 

I have the urge to go see it myself. I went as far as to look up different ways of traveling to the area without driving. 

Lastly, I set up the new laptop. Wow.


I did some quick graphic art work with Mandelbulb 3D and was amazed. 90 seconds to render the two following quick pieces. 

I didn't have time to dig deep into any formulas or lighting, but just messed around and had some fun.
Impressive speed over the aged laptop. These renders would have taken about 15 minutes a piece and not 90 seconds.

Looks like I can go back to messing with fractals! 

All in all, a very quiet Sunday.

Today's chores are waiting. I have to also move the mules to their winter pasture and set things up before the cold weather hits.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. I don't like people that just let their dogs run all the time, and on a road that is just asking for a road kill.
    Good thing Charlie is small enough you can just pick him up! Wow that new computer sounds great! You will have lots of fun!

    1. Well the new house is occupied by a guy who I was rather rude to years ago when his Aussie came out and charged my mule while I was riding. I dismounted and proceeded to yell at him at the top of my voice.
      The year before he was living in a 'hut' and both his and his galfriend's dog came out while I was heading to my MIL's, she had fallen... and the one dog got rolled under my 'Ru.
      The dog lived and I checked on it. When the guy accused me of hitting his galfriend's dog, I said sure I did ON a public road and would you like the damage estimate?
      So it is important that I address the dog issue in a good manner as I like this guy's wife A LOT.
      I don't want to be known as the ugly mean old fart that walks these roads and hits dogs with her car...
      Since the new houses on our road have little ones, I do drive very slowly past their houses. I've seen the little ones on the road unattended.


  2. Looking forward to seeing the finished pressed leaf project, what you've done so far looks great. I don't know what to say about the neighbor/dogs issue, other than neighbor drama sucks. I truly hope you are able to find common ground, peacefully. Glad you are pleased with your new laptop. I know zero about 3-D art & programs, looks amazing!!

    1. I prefer to get along with everyone on our ridge and those that have tested my patience are all from one family with dogs that run. The ones that built the first house have been there for years and their dog kept coming down to visit my hounds and try to mate with my female hound dog. I simply kept catching him and tying him to a tree or fence post and then called the owners and had them come get him. Once the mules kicked the heck out of him and he wasn't hurt badly.

      After that they decided to get him a collar and an 'electric' yard. He never retuned. And that dog is a 3/4 of a mile away.


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