Tuesday, October 26, 2021


The photo above was taken at my mailbox. My neighbor lives on this ridge and we share the upper part of the driveway. It drops steeply down into a hollow.

There is something magical about the late afternoon light on all those maples and oaks. I could pull up a chair and sit there all afternoon to watch the leaves and trees. 

This week we've had some amazing sunrises. I mean brilliant and startling in colors. 

Sunrise at PeeWee's: Harvest time.
Sunday morning

The Sumac Tree I have been watching since August:

We had a killing frost two nights in a row so the garden flowers are all done it and turned into slimy gobs of gooey green. But at least I could appreciate them just before they turned.


Other jobs for the Autumnal weekend were replacing the stock tank heaters and pulling burrs from my an-ni-mule tails. The redheads always get into parts of the forest where stick tights and burdock are, no matter how diligent I am about pulling or cutting them down.

That is Sunshine staring at me. 

I'm happy to report that their winter coats are soft and fluffy. 
After this last blast of color, November ushers in the Brown Season or the colorless season.
I find it hard to be motivated to take photos of anything in our forest during November. 

But I generally use that time to tidy up the house and do indoor projects anyway.
I have a new 'old' Christmas Chair for this year that I found in one of the sheds. A old bent Hickory.

But since we are all thinking about the end of October.....let's enjoy these days were the temps are still above zero!

Do you like winter? Yes, I do. 


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    I love winter, always have even when I had to shovel. I like summer too but by fall I was tired if the yard work and social events and ready for the quiet of winter. Up north here we try to cram all social events into the 3 months of summer and it can be exhausting. So winter always meant free time for me to pursue crafts and catch up on reading and sleeping. Every bit of summer daylight was used and I was tired by fall.

    I am looking forward to seeing your new Christmas chair creation. Enjoy this last bit of color, then it's all about subtle shades of grey and white. :)

    1. So very true. I am tired of yardwork and ready to let the lawn be whatever. I have the goat and pony working the long parts of the yard so I can sort of pretend I mowed.
      Cooler weather right now points me towards some fun crafty things.
      The old chair fell apart, thus the need for a new one!

  2. Such pretty trees! Cold and windy here today, some more leaves are falling out of the trees, Seems like I can always come up with more Fall projects outside until it snows! Sometimes after it snows it seems warmer for some reason. Strange that we have not had a snow by now. I hate the brown time too:)

  3. I just came from Far Side's blog. Both you guys have awesome color. Cheryl says: "Iowa = Brown and down!" Mostly true. If it were not for the gold of the corn, we would have very little color here, save for a few neighborhood trees.

  4. Such colorful trees on the first photo. Is that 15 behind Sunshine? They look like buddies. I've never called November the brown season, or remotely felt that way about it. Yes, I have a reason (or two). I think November is colorful in its own right. Best month ever!!

    1. That is 15, the only horse behind Sunshine. The red heads usually stand together. But they are always arranging themselves!
      I like November, it is just that transition from all that blazing color to a lot less color.


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