Friday, July 16, 2021

Wild Things

These are not my photos but photos from the Trail Cam I have set up on a trail in the woods.

As you may be able to tell, we all use the same path right here. It is the only way around an old oak that fell across the 'ridge road' as we call it. I had someone who said he'd clear it for me. Yeah, that didn't happen. More about that on another post perhaps....

So we walk around it.
I was surprised by the 'critters' I caught coming through here. 

The blur in the second shot is a Robin!
It is interesting too, to see the temperatures on these days. I don't know exactly how accurate the readings are though.

This looks like a young coyote or one that is a bit scrawny. Interesting to see it in the midmorning hours.
And a few minutes later....

Then I come through with the kids.

That evening a doe and her fawn pause for their photo to get taken.
I used to have the camera lower on the tree. It seemed that every critter had to put their nose on it to sniff it. I had a lot of smeary photos of globs last month. So many mule and fawn globs!

I think this is a good spot for the camera now.

And here comes a nice little buck that we've seen on the other camera. I think it is pretty cool to see their antlers growing.

I think this is the same fella.
My old camera only takes in Infrared. That camera is about 8 years old.
It still works and has a good position in the Buckthorn Forest on a very well used trail.

I have an appointment with the young Entomologists today again. 

My young charges want to go 'buggin'. 

Uffdah. This morning it was like walking in pea soup. The temperature and dew point are nearly the same with humidity at 90 something. My grandma would say that the air is Heavy.

We had an orange sunrise and fog laying across the meadows. The air movement is zero....


  1. You have some great wildlife! Have fun buggin!!

    1. The kids actually built a castle for some teddy bears out of rocks! Very fun indeed!

  2. Great pictures on the trailcam. It’s always interesting to see what’s happening in the woods. Always fun with the kids out bugging, enjoy. Here it’s not fog but rather thick smoke that is making our red skies. It’s hard to breathe so I’ve been staying inside as much as possible and enjoying that too. :)

  3. I've seen that orange/red sky from the smoke also. Not a good air quality at all!
    Today the air is thick like hazy humid almost foggy looking. I don't know if it is fires or just the humidity!
    Good to hear from you!

  4. Very cool pics! Looks like the Coyote was not fooled! He was looking right at the camera! Love that Turkey action shot. Looks like he was coming in from a landing.

  5. Ha! I was thinking of doing a similar "trail cam" post. Like minded ideas. That coyote does looks on the scrappy side. Makes me wonder how different animals walking through within minutes, don't run into each other. Good timing, I guess. Have fun with your young pals!!

    1. They may see each other or smell each other. I found a bear track in the mud that was fresh and Charlie decided he was ALL done hiking and wanted to be picked up.
      The kids were great.
      I've seen winter photos of deer sleeping and then leaving...with a coyote walking through a minute later. Obviously not hunting.
      This was mid day, so odd to see a 'yote then!