Thursday, July 08, 2021

Rain, Slugs, and Bugs

So the rain brought out Slugs and bugs...

And very cool fungi. Some sort of slime mold??? 

Found Black Nightshade. Nasty stuff.

Slug heads in Fungi.

Witch's butter perhaps? Being guarded by my tiny soldiers.

Bright yellow slime mold. Some of it creeping over the Witch's Butter.

Chicken of the Woods? Old?


A sluggo stand off...

A very cheerful dog enjoying the cooler weather...


Hummingbird Moth!

This is the fastest moving moth I have ever encountered and this is only the second time in 30 years that I've seen one. The first time I could only watch and wonder.
It probably took at least 30 or more tries before I finally got half way decent shot of this moth.
It's wings are translucent and it is sort of beautiful and ugly at the same time. 

That was my rainy day. Not that interesting unless you are a bug or slug or some sort of slime mold.

I had some very cool stuff happen today. Thursday. I'm still mulling it over.



  1. Well, I am none of the above and I find all this fascinating!! I mean, Witches Butter...wonder how it got that name. Never heard of Black Night Shade either. Sounds like you found stuff from the dark side lol. I am usually grossed out by slime/mold, but you make yucky stuff look pretty cool. Specifically the textures. I like the army guy shots too, especially the stand off! I've seen hummer moths in the past, at our old place. You got a great shot, they are fast.

  2. You and Charlie had a great day! Love that Hummingbird Moth!