Thursday, July 15, 2021

Ohhhh myyyy

Wednesday.... I just looked at all the weather alerts that I was getting.

Red sky in morning
Sailors take warning

A red sunrise can mean that a high pressure system has already passed. It may indicate that a storm system may be moving to the east. A morning sky that is deep fiery red can indicate that there is high water content in the atmosphere [or heavy smoke?]. Rain could be on its way.

Well, rain was on its way along with the possibility of straight line winds, heavy downpours, hail, and other great stuff like lightening. On my way home from CrossFit I parked and took a shot with the IR camera of the first wave of storms.
Infrared is pretty cool for showing cloud textures.

The Turkeys and Turk...lettes were headed for the woods.

The mules moved down into the wooded area for a bit.

And when the winds passed, they moved out to the pasture and went about their business. I can tell what is coming by how the mules act. If something nasty is on its way they literally run for shelter.
They were rather unconcerned with the heavy rainfall and fog that rolled through.

The rains came hard and then let up and came hard off and on for hours. The thunder and lightening continued to boom and shake the house.

Poor Charlie required a lap to sit in while he quaked.

Alerts went out as the County police and workers closed highway 56 in multiple places where water was coming over the road and tree 'parts' littered the highway.

Just another stormy day in Vernon County.

Charlie and I will head out to check the forest fences the creek after it gets a bit brighter out.

With this rain the fungi ought to burst forth in the woods too!

Time to look for slugs and bugs!


  1. Those first two photos knock my socks off!

    1. Thanks! It was an interesting day for rain and thunder! Glad you finally got some rain too!

  2. Wednesday was an interesting weather day. We didn't get much other than rain and a little wind. The town north of us got hit pretty good. Including the county fair, tents etc. You got some nice landscape/sky shots! Our woods were quiet and unexciting today. I took a few pics but nothing related to rain.

    1. It was a bit wild here for a bit, but I am enjoying the cooler air.

    2. Cooler air? You lucky duck! The humidity was so bad you could cut it with a knife.

    3. Well cooler but 'heavy air' a very high dew point = nearly the same as the temperature. But I still enjoyed the coolness on the porch and slight breezes under the trees.
      Hopefully you can soak in your new Cowgirl Pool and cool off!

    4. Gotcha. I remember thinking to myself on our walk "it sure doesn't feel like 72 degrees" which is a cooler temp, but the air was sooo thick here.

  3. Rain!! We need some! Glad you got some as it will help the grass in your pastures!

  4. It did help the grass, but it is still struggling to keep up with the hungry mules! The yard grows like crazy and the pasture eeks along slowly.