Monday, July 05, 2021

Make your own...


on the 4th.

The Teddy Bear Gang wanted to celebrate and cool off. They look very happy.

Saturday night was tough for Charlie. A far off farm set off a huge firework show and the booms were enough to awaken Rich. He figured out what it was  --- and where it was --- while Charlie quivered underfoot. I made a pile of my clothes and a special blanket next to my side of the bed and Charlie got burrowed in. Safe from the noises.

My mules and horse don't get excited about the noises as they are used to things like gunfire at hunting season and fireworks in the distance. The practice runs from the C 130's that fly at tree level rarely bother them any more. 

Storm fronts set them off running. 

Okay. That aside.

Just my luck to spot this guy in the meadow across the fence while Charlie and I returned from checking the mailbox for Saturday's mail. We must have a substitute mail person. I had everyone else's mail. 

I kicked myself for not having the super duper zoom lens. Oh well, more opportunities will arise as always.

This is how Charlie spent his afternoon. I spent some time with him. I find the slight breeze under the trees and the song of birds so much nicer than the sound of fans and A/C.

Charlie loves the hammock. Odd little dog!

Our morning walk have gave us quite the view of Smokey sunrise skies perhaps from the Canadian fires?

This with no was that dusky as the sun peeked over the trees.

Haze is the word of the day. Hazy and hot:

All critters were moved to areas with plenty of water and plenty of shade to enjoy. 

Sunday's sunrise was much prettier and it was a good morning for a walk in the forest. I got plenty of black berries picked.

It was a fine day for seeking interesting insects too. More later on that. I was really hoping to find some fantastic fungi shots to share...

The advice from my Garden Dragon today is to simply meditate and chill out.

I think I will listen to him.

For whatever reason I feel exhausted. 


  1. I think I will take Garden Dragon's advice too, sounds like a good plan.

  2. Ah that Morning sun! I was trying to capture it with my crappy camera the other day. IT was so beautiful. I see the "buck Moon" is true to the saying. (the bucks begin showing their antlers.) Nice catch.

    1. This guy has been on my trail cam too, it is fun to watch the whole process as they walk by!

  3. I feel so sorry for dogs that are bothered by fireworks. Does music in the room help...sometimes it did with Chance or maybe his hearing was worse then. Your bears have the right idea, suppose to rain her starting tonight...I mowed today so I am ready for a day off!!

    1. He is the first dog I've had that fears noises and thunderstorms so we are figuring out how to deal with it. He does fine, he just wants to be in a lap and no issues with running away.

  4. I think your smokey sunrise is from the Canadian Wildfires. I read a recent post July 2-3 (?) about their visual etc affect on the atmosphere. Cute pics of Charlie living the good life in a hammock. Sorry the area fireworks were so problematic, poor guy. Your garden dragon gives good advice. The droplets are telling.

    1. Yes, I've been getting lots of interesting smoky shots as the atmosphere is still reflecting the light off in odd ways. It was pretty neat this morning again.
      Any super loud booms scare Charlie and even very far off thunder or gunshots.
      I was reading the air quality alerts and they were not very good for the areas near Lake Michigan, I think.