Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Hotter than...

...a well digger's...

Another smoked sunrise with cool streaks of clouds or rising fog coming through it. I was pretty happy watching it come up from the neighbor's cattle gate. 

The fog moved over the land and up from the valleys. Temperatures in the valley and the ridge varied up to 10 degrees.

Dew Point. I decided to find out more about it since the dew point was high and it made me feel as sticky as all get out.

So my take away is that when the dew point is around 72 it means that the air is 'heavy' as Grandma used to say. Heavy with so much moisture that it could not evaporate very quickly. Gooey sticky.

In front of me the sun rose in a dark reddish colored sky that would turn orange from the dust/smoke in the air. Behind me, the fog drifted through the neighbor's pasture and the sky was brilliant with color.

I sipped my coffee and just watched for a while. Maybe truly this was the best time of the day. The heat hadn't yet made the day miserable and the colors were amazing.

All this only moments from my house. 

Just before I went down my driveway I thought I'd take a last look as the sun began to heat up the day.

I best get moving. I had to open up a gate for the mules refill their water tank, move my mini mowers out [Sven and Lil Richard] and water a few plants. 

I had another tank to clean and move along with filling it with water so no one had to worry about my mini mowers over the weekend. They had a nice fenced in paddock with shade and gallons of fresh water.

The Big Mowers would have up to 300 gallons of water and a large field and woods to wander. 

The Big Mowers:

All that done before 8 and a few bowls of wild blackberries picked too.

Let it be hot. Most of my outdoor work was done.


  1. Goodness, you have to do everything before noon here in Iowa if you want to survive the dog days of Summer. It said it was only in the upper 80's but it sure felt hotter. (And Sticky.) I'm willing to bet it got over 90 at least. I had outdoor plans for this afternoon, but I decided to stay inside and do inside stuff. So how do the Mules like this weather?

    1. They are half donkey so other than seeking shade and swishing tails they are not too bothered. They are more bothered by the flies than by the heat. They often spend time under trees catching a breeze in the very hot weather.

  2. Sounds like our sticky hot weather found you! We have cooled off and it is just perfect! WE do outside stuff in the morning too and watering in the evening:)

  3. You've been busy! Love your views, and the best part is they are close to home. Lucky you. That is one large red hot sun. Your big mowers are so funny. All in a row, following the leader on the same path.

    1. Thanks, the ridge provides me with a couple of very interesting spots to watch the sky. Oh yes, the brave red mule is generally the first to go anywhere in our pack of critters. I think she is herd boss in some ways.