Saturday, July 10, 2021


I got a text earlier this week asking if Briar could come and spend some time with me, my friend and ex neighbor was in a pinch and couldn't leave her 10 yr old at home alone.

Me? I jumped at the chance to see Briar. I used to babysit for him at one time when he lived in the house at the top of the driveway. His sisters are older now. We used to pal around together quite a bit until they moved away.

We went on hikes, explored the creek, and even gardened together.

When they moved away and the 'new' neighbors moved in I settled on knowing that I'd see the old neighbors once in a great while but not often. I'd have to drive 30 minutes just to go to their house.

So today I had to meet with my neighbor to walk the dogs and to go over instructions on how we were going to think of ways that Lauren could 'check' on Rich without being obtrusive.

I asked if I could bring Briar. Then Briar informed us that he wanted to become and Entomologist. I quickly texted Lauren. Her daughter is 10. Her daughter studies insects and collects them, she wants to become an Entomologist. 

So the boy who used to live in the upper house met the girl who now lives there and the two hit it off so well that we adults were ignored while we walked the dogs.

Allie's younger brother joined in and the trio could not be separated for the rest of the day. 

After dog walking and exchanging info, the kids asked to walk to the creek and look for insects.

I only went along for observation it seems. But if filled my heart with so much joy to see them hunting berries and bugs.

This was perfect for me. And Rich too as the kids visited with him then went on to sit in the other room and excitingly talk Bugs, swimming, hiking, and gaming.

Rich beamed and literally glowed. He really did.

Old neighbors and the current neighbors. Who would have guessed they'd become fast friends with the same interests?

Truly, it was serendipity.

By Thursday evening these three had connected on the internet and are playing games and talking together.

My old neighbor said her kids could come out to play again any time I wished. 
The old neighbors now live much closer and it is only a 15 minute drive to get to their house....

And Rich said he was happy I found someone my own age to be with.

Charlie is pacing, he knows something is up. He's only done one long car trip so far. 


  1. Someone your own age!! LOL How about an inquisitive mind about nature and surroundings! You had a fun day!! Travel safe!

  2. This is all kinds of awesomeness!! You are a great nature mentor & friend. Maybe the current neighbors kid(s) can help "check" on Rich. Sounds like he has really taken to the joy that being around children offers.

    1. My bug buddy Allie called Rich every day and brought him things like treats and whatnot. He really enjoyed that she was so excited to pop by and visit him.

    2. What a great kid!! This is so wonderful for all of you!

  3. Someone to chase bugs and berries when I was growing up would have been my best friend too. I can hardly imagine a better time. ( unless they happened to fish as well.... I loved to go fishing. )

    1. The kids would go fishing too. But nothing is close around here to fish in...

  4. So glad it worked out and you, Rich and the kids had so much fun.