Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Just Go... Gone to the dogs

Teslin is my son's dog. She is somewhat of a miracle as she suffered a potentially life ending incident a few years ago and spent time in a dog ICU. The vets saved her life and she continues to be the little wonder dog we have all grown so fond of. 

Charlie understands Tes's rather aloof attitude towards him. He is fine with her ignoring his presence. He learned that she was an elder to be respected and not to get in her private dog space.

He could learn a few things from his elderly friend though. Like...don't walk out onto the road!

Saturday's plan was to take the dogs to Petrified Springs Park and take a walk then visit the Biergarten where we could relax with a pint and the dogs could be with us.

Charlie got to meet a LOT of other dogs. And those dogs did not offer to chew his head off or even growl at him. He was in doggy heaven. So many folks also stopped to ask about him. Tes remained her wonderful aloof self and ignored most people and their pets.

My son would politely let folks know that Tes was "A Grumpy Dog."

I was surprised at all of the attention Charlie got. Of course he had gotten a new Bling Collar and a Bow Tie to wear on his Big Day Out.

At the Biergarten, Charlie eventually got mobbed by little girls. [Yes they asked politely if they could pet Charlie!]

To say that Charlie was in heaven is an understatement. He wiggled and behaved SO well! I am glad he had all of that experience at the Nursing Home when he was so young. 

When returning my mug, I stopped and conversed with a couple that had a huge Black Great Dane. That dog had more manners than most people I've ever met.

I think this might speak volumes without any words....

I think it is obvious where my son's heart is. 

Now don't think I don't like cats! I grew up with cats as pets so yes, I do love those aloof creatures that let you know when it is okay to pet them. Tes is like that. She is catlike in her movements and attitude. 

My son says he will do a DNA test on her as he is curious as to what mixed breeds are in her heritage.


He was happy to get home after another day of meandering about the state but in a more direct way. 

He went 'to bed' when we got home and crashed until the next morning.

Our trip was fun. And even Rich enjoyed the time I was away. 


  1. Just adorable, doggies dressed up for the day! Your son is like you, or as the saying goes ~ the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Glad you & Charlie had a wonderful get-a-way visiting your son & changing it up.

    1. It was wonderful. I meant to go there and help him with gardening or something useful. Instead we just did fun things and relaxed.

  2. Tes is a pretty dog, I wonder what she is also besides a well loved dog. Looks like Charlie was a rock star!

    1. The vets had guessed a lot of different breed possibilities. She has the movements of a whippet and the hair of a lab/golden retriever mix and the markings of a dog with a dark muzzle.
      Who knows? Loved is definitely what she is.

  3. Charlie is so cute. I love Dogs too, even though I have been surrounded by cats for the last 25 years. (Apartments don't like dogs very much.... or Charge you an arm and a leg to have one.) I get my dog fill from the neighbors dogs and the dogs we meet on the running/biking trail. Cheryl is not a big dog person, but I will get off the bike and hug up on them. ( If the owner allows it!) Small dogs usually area little more feisty. Looks like Charlie is not one of those.

    1. You are right, Charlie is super laid back and not feisty at all. Very huggable and chill. He used to visit the nursing home frequently as a puppy and adores just sitting there and letting anyone pet him.
      Thanks, Charlie is proving to be a fascinating little dog!