Saturday, July 17, 2021

If you were my Grandma...

...that would be kinda cool. 

Such a wonderful compliment from a 10 year old. I picked up my pal Briar and took him to CrossFit with me where he read a book and I worked out. We headed home and he chatted about the weather, Covid, school, insects, history, and what he was doing for the weekend.

He was going to visit his Grandparents on mom's side. 

His mom and one sister had a doctor's appointment and for these appointments I've offered to help out by taking Briar to my house so we can take a walk or he can play with my neighbor's kids. 

After all, I have a bit more leeway in my schedule than most folks. 

After the kids gathered...

As Briar has said before. "If we come to your house we always walk to the creek. Always."

Water draws doesn't it? It draws us to it.
With the drought parts of the creek are dry. The kids were discussing what to do when I suggested a castle.

A castle for Teddy Bears...

A couple of Bears just happened to be in my camera bag.

And furious building ensued. The Bears needed a grand castle with sticks as a roof. Grass, moss, and bark were layered onto the roof to make it more secure.

And Groundchalier [not my name, but the kids came up with it] was born. Named as such because it was like a beautiful chandelier but it was on the ground.

I sat and watched and stayed quiet. This was all their fun. I was there just to keep an eye out in the woods.

Plans were hatched to build future huts for the army they were going to hire to protect the castle.
They asked if I had toys they could build huts for.


Of course!

We headed back and stopped at the Forest Garden where they re-arranged the Gargoyle, unicorns, dragons, and dinosaurs. 

All was as it should be. 

Charlie was very sad to see his new friends go.

Until next time.


  1. What great kids if they can be entertained by the natural surroundings. I find most kids these days as having a permanent A.D.D. So many things to explore and discover. Even as an Older person, I continue to find things I have never seen before. Also, I think kids are very engaged by adults who share their "child -like" ways. You should never be too old to have fun.

    1. Building things out of rock seems to be able to capture most any kids imagination.
      And these kids do have exceptional parents that limit 'screen' time and encourage exploration.

  2. AWe...You are probably better than a grandma:)

    1. Maybe so since they are not my own flesh and blood!

  3. Many times family is chosen, from the heart. It is so nice to see kids using their imaginations. The bears are no doubt safe now.

    1. Aww thanks! Yes, I would certainly enjoy listening to them build their stories as they make forts and things. I walk away far enough to use that LONG lens!