Thursday, July 22, 2021

Garden Garden

I do have a small veggie garden. Here is a photo of it this spring. We cut the size way down from all the past years to about half. 

What you are seeing below is the area we use for a garden. On two sides it has hot wire for the mule's pasture. The red gates are what we call a 'catch' pen. Mules are sorted there for riding or trimming. When I pick one, they all want to come.

Out in the field is a round bale feeder from the days of long ago. I still use it to put hay in during the winter to keep them from trampling on it in muddy or damp weather.

The tree line in back is my upper neighbor's pasture for her goats. Notice! NO weeds!

This photo is also just before Justin came to till the garden. 

After tilling. I planted squash, cukes, some odd flowers, and corn very late. A huge concern was the heat and dry June we were having.

July 3rd
So I'd done some watering in the evening and wrung my hands. This corn was NOT knee high by the 4th of July. To the left of the garden, I keep trimming the weeds with a scythe.

July 13th. I have free range tomatoes coming up from last year. We have had rain here and there to the tune of 3 inches at a time. 

July 22

Believe it or not, the yard was just mowed a few days ago here. Yuck, looks like I have to do this by hand today. Siera is the mule in the field. 
The corn is much taller and we have hopes for sweet corn! The cukes are just budding and so are the squash.

I had squash last year, lots of them. So many that some began to turn and I had to toss them. I rolled those mushy ones out into the pasture where about 10 plants are flowering. So, I will have more than one kind of squash.

Here is the north of our house. Nice and tidy looking. The 4 wheeler is my trash hauler, weed hauler, and fence supply hauler.

Here is the part I usually don't let anyone see. The ugly crushed garage and... piles of projects that 'were' going to get done. In the weeds rests a camper that someone was 'gonna' take apart and recycle and take the stove out and put it ... um, somewhere. It simply has sat in the weeds for many years. The garage was to be torn down and he was 'gonna' salvage 'stuff' that was in there.  
To me, it is nothing but a huge eyesore and I have looked into hiring someone to come and tear it down to the foundation and clean the area up.

There is a nice concrete pad under the garage that would make a great spot to set a tiny building on as a studio or summer guest room.

The Boss keeps telling me he will 'get to this' pretty soon. 10 years later? 

So I create my own pretty spaces where I can enjoy color and beauty and ignore the ugly as I can do nothing about it without causing a huge problem. 

My house is my castle and so are my little gardens. 
Next year, I will go back to having sunflowers a gazillion zinnias, and cosmos. I just need places to put them!

I do love gardening. I love creating pretty spaces.

I'll catch up on the Forest Garden aka by the kids as the Secret Garden later.


  1. Your garden by the house is so pretty. It has been a brutal summer for vegetable gardens. Hope you get something to harvest.
    Hope you get your wish with the old garage:)

    1. I think once I can auction the Stuff off and clean up, I may be able to. However by then I may be too dang old to enjoy it? I just think it would be fun.
      Or it could be a patio!

  2. The "boss" sounds like me. Sounds like my Dad. But luckily, Cheryl keeps me tethered to reality. Sometimes, you just have to have a HUGE BON FIRE! ( Or call the guys from Goodwill to take your "extra" stuff that you never use.) I have given up on the garden this year. If I happen to get a tomato, I will consider that good enough. I have flowers and the Hops are growing like gangbusters. ( I still have to brew beer with last years hops.) Where does the time go? So much to do and so little time to live it.

    1. Cool, I would love to hear about you brewing your beer, you are multi talented.
      Regarding the Stuff? Auctions, many auctions after the other half is no longer with us. I married a hoarder of sorts. Has to keep everything 'in case'. Though so many things have come in handy!

  3. Your dragon photo is great! I assume it's hose or sprinkler action. I see droplets in the pretty flutterby pic too. As far as your old shed, every established homestead has something similar. I get that that space could be more useful tho, especially with a good slab. Regardless, your place is so well kept and your hard work shows! Love the pretty spaces you create, highlighted by your dragons!!

    I don't plant squash/zucchini anymore. Altho I like both. They produce too much, but no one will take shared freebies. My cukes are producing like squash this year. A couple days ago I gave my sister/mom 9 and kept 5. The plants are still loaded, and now I have 23. I eat cucumbers daily, but decided not to make my annual refrigerator pickles. We still have a lot of pickles from last year. Brad eats a slice or two. Next year I am planting half a pack!!

    1. The butterfly photo was from a year ago on a rainy afternoon. I used to shade my porch with zinnias, cosmos, and sunflowers but the other half said he wanted to see OUT while I liked the feeling of being in a living and breathing outdoor room.
      I planted two cuke plants and two squash in the garden with 3 green beans and some zinnias that really had a hard time with the heat and dry weather.
      The corn may just make it.
      I'm going to let the Farmer's Market provide me with my corn, tomatoes and other fresh veggies this summer.

      I try to keep the place decent and even let the goat clean around the junk piles! :)

      That slab would be a beautiful spot for a pretty shed and a pretty garden around it! One can dream!

    2. PS the dragon was a fast shutter experiment while watering! :)