Wednesday, June 02, 2021

This and that


Charlie sunbathes in the Forest Garden.

It isn't that obvious of a garden quite yet. There are little places here and there that have flowers, a bucket, an old chair, and pieces of strange and random looking wood.

The sun shines through the canopy and offers sun dappled areas that move with the sun.

There are small areas of surprises here and there. One has to look for them.

The transplanted ferns are doing well and the flower seeds of different varities are coming up here and there. I'll be putting in some shade wildflowers in the next few days and will enjoy the surprise of color if I get that.

The garden is in the middle of the forest mule pasture. I do know that the mules and deer share trails but generally they keep their distance. I've caught mules and deer in the same large open pasture on the trail camera, but almost never have they been together in close proximity in the woods. 

Here are a couple of crappy shots of the cosmos and other flowers coming up in the Forest Garden.

Those tiny toys are markers for where I have planted seeds. In a week or so, I should be able to safely move them out. Maybe the dragons and unicorns like it in the forest though....

Not a great shot, but there are two green bean plants coming up! This is an experiment that probably won't work well. 

My husband [and probably others] question my sanity about doing this. The area won't really be a Garden in the orderly sense of the word, but a mix of plants and flowers to relax and gaze at in unexpected places in the middle of a forest.

And as it was pointed out to me, the deer and other wildlife could destroy it in one fell swoop.

So be it. For now it is a fun project. 

My veggie garden will be reduced this year to what I can manually dig up. Corn, beans, lettuce, and carrots. These are the main things I freeze or dry for the winter. I will purchase tomatoes if I want them and other veggies at the Farmer's Market this year.

I'm concentrating just once on flowers and fun for the summer.

Have a great and wonderful start to your June.

Heading out for m Birthday Hike. 

Hoping for a bit of awesome fun on the trail. 

My morning rush hour:


  1. I love your forest garden! I had a rock garden between the yard and the woods that was my escape. I'd pull up a rock, sit in the sun and just be. I also love your idea of taking this year to play and have fun, something I think we've earned after this last year. Happy b day. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!! Plant what ever you like! Life is short!

  3. Looks like blogger ate my comment :( I don't remember what I said exactly, other than it included birthday hiking wishes and I liked your type of morning rush hour. Also, your clever plant markers. I have been experiment planting too, it's fun!

    1. Blogger has been changing things around. Today I spent more time out in the forest garden.
      LOL, my mules were so nonchalant this time while rotating pastures! It was a let down, I was hoping for so much bucking and farting.