Sunday, June 20, 2021

Father's Day

I don't normally celebrate much on Father's Day. I lost both my Father and Father in law withing months of each other in 2005. 

Here is my father the year before he died. I had to walk away and take this shot with a long lens so he couldn't hear the camera click. He did not like photos of himself as 'aged'. 

From our trip in 2001 to Hawai'i. What I didn't realize at the time is that I only had a few years left with him. He was my charge on that trip. It was two weeks of sometimes Utter Frustration or unexpected wonderful fun.
I look back now and think of what fantastic memories I have of that trip.

My Father in Law, Lonnie was also a hoot. He hated having any pictures taken of him also. I imagine it was because he had to wear oxygen in the last few years of his life.

He loved fishing and we would take him as often as he would go.

He adored his great grandkids. This photo was a sneak shot while he was occupied with Ariel.

Father ~ Daughter Time. This is my husband with his daughter sitting on a lakeside pier on a summer afternoon. They were watching the kids play in the shallow water.

A photo of my youngest son with his son Sterling right after he was born.

Here is to the dad's the good ones, the bad ones, the so-so ones. The ones who are Dad's to pets instead of children. Those dads who have adopted, those dads who love their charges.

...and those dads we miss.

I make a special note of this today because a have a close friend who's father is now in the hospital with Covid. He told his daughter that Covid was a not real, it was fake, he wouldn't get it. He complied with her request regarding masks. He refused the vaccination. It was a hoax after all and no big deal.

Her mom did get the vaccine. The mom took care of the dad while he deteriorated and DID not get Covid-19. To me? This says, get the damn vaccine. I don't care what you think but this became super personal to me last night. I know this man and adore his funny quirks and have missed visiting with him over the past year and a half. 
As my close friend said: Please, please, please get the vaccination. 

I do not mean for this to be a commentary on Covid or politics. Only a tough revelation that struck close to my heart.

This did not have to be. A family suddenly stricken with illness on a day they would be celebrating together.


  1. It is sad the number of families grieving from loved ones killed by Covid, but even sadder yet the number that continue to die because they didn't get the vaccine. Each death now represents not only a preventable lost life but a grieving family. Please get the vaccine to protect your loved ones.

  2. Happy Father's Day to Rich1 Yes it is a day of memories.
    So sad when people have to be sick needlessly ...get the vaccination!! I cannot believe how many anti vaxers there are out there:(

    1. I guess ~~ to each their own regarding vaccinations. I understand the concern some have for vaccines, I understand the distrust too. It just makes me sad.

  3. Fathers Day has always been a sad reminder my entire life. Long story. Glad you have such a great photo of your father, along with memories to cherish!! So sorry to hear your friends dad is so ill.

    1. Thanks. I do miss my father. He was a kind person. I hope to get an update on friend's dad today sometime. Fingers crossed.