Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Garden & Photoart

First the boring news. Part of our old garden got tilled and I nearly burned my nekked feet trying to plant corn and a few other veggies. It is dusty and dry with no rain in sight. 

It is a small garden and getting up to water it predawn is not a bad chore. I'm going to buy my other fresh veggies at the Farmer's Market in town and privately from a woman that does vegetables as a business.

With the extreme heat, I needed a place to cool off. So Bear had me take out the kiddy pool.

Charlie hates the pool. I've sat in it to cool off and it makes a good place to stick bare feet after scalding them in the hot dirt.

Okay. PhotoArt. Artsy fartsy. I saw an ad on FB that had the photographer willing to 'teach' any person 'How to take artistic flower photos and get that dreamy effect'. He was also selling something called Overlays. This would be a layer to put 'over' a photo and 'create' the dreamy effect.

The Overlays were pretty pricey but really sort of neat. The 'course' was all about Creative Suite and how you could use overlays to 'create' better photos. It was expensive. [Wait...Create Better Photos? Don't you have to start out with a good one first????]

I am one of those that tries to figure things out myself. 

I went all out with a free paint program and a water color overlay I nabbed from the internet. It was not the effect I was looking for but I liked it enough to keep it. It is a geranium on my porch.

Next? Verbena in a pot with lavender behind it.

No overlays though. I used levels and curves in Corel PSP to bring the photo to emulate High Key. I added a layer and used a motion blur and used the layer setting to Screen. I erased or removed parts of the light colored layer to reveal just a few flowers.
I added a white vignette around the photo and I was done.

So I thought about overlays. Here is a sample of an overlay. 

Most of the overlays being offered in 'bundles' are bokeh, stars, clouds, rain, snow, and what not.

So I 'made' a couple in my old PS program.

So why on earth would you use an overlay?

I used the green one here just for kicks to see what would happen. I wanted it so subtle that I didn't want it obvious. I'm experimenting to see if I can really do something neat and cool.

I used the purple overlay here in PS to brighten this shot, it was pretty neat.

Here is an overlay that was another photo that was blurred. Interesting how it changes the 'look' of the shot.

My final choice was to go with the purple overlay.

Now the ones you can buy are totally cool. You can add soap bubbles, stars, and soft clouds. I like to dabble in the artsy fartsy stuff once in a while.

Still, I wasn't 'making' the Art that I saw in the ad [no I just stared at it and scrolled on by]. But maybe I should take an artsy class just once to see. I don't know how to tell if it is a scam or for real.

[I have taken two classes. Fine Art Black & White and Still Life. Both were good learning experiences.]

One of my old art edits:

I made this one into a greeting card.

Last is my purple overlay/soft contrast effect for a Still Life shot from our horribly hot HOT day.

My super cool hat along with my flowers set on that ugly trunk I wanted to get rid of. 



I'm curious about learning new methods, but extra edit time isn't always what I want to do.

So I don't always do Artsy stuff. But I like to challenge myself to always learn something. 

After all, I did read tuts and watch vids to learn how to do OOB years ago and that really WAS fun! I'm not sure I have the patience for that intense editing anymore.

Eddie in Out of Bounds:

I'm not sure where I will go next with PhotoArt. But I will keep trying new things. I don't want this old brain to go stagnent.


  1. Love the watercolored geranium, so pretty! I like overlays, they lend themselves to unique visuals. With that said, I rarely use them. Sometimes for photo cards. I have a folder labeled backgrounds, where my pics go that lend themselves to it. If I was into overlays, I would be shooting for it and including things like scrapbook paper, tiles, realistic toys etc. Mine are mostly oops. One of my favs is a highlight photo of magnolia blooms. I wouldn't pay for an overlay, they are so easy to make and you already know how :)

    Glad you have a place to cool off! Me too. Post to come, eventually.

  2. 3 d paint is Light Years ahead of the "Paint" I grew up with. I have been able to make all kinds of Goofy "Meme" type pictures. So much fun! I also have this UBER cheap video editor on my computer that helped me with stop motion and video/picture montages. Fun experimenting when you have the time. I'm so happy I hat LOTS of time in 2020. I even learned A little bit of Blender ( the Most awesome and sophisticated video editor/3 d generator/ and more on the internet) Very cool picture of the Eddie.

  3. You did great on your own! You have fun!