Friday, June 11, 2021

The Annular Solar Eclipse 2021

Yes, I studied for this one because I'd had such good luck with the partial moon eclipse so I thought.

Why not?

I used a free online app to help me decide where to go.

After trying several spots with the little pin, I also used Google Maps to read the height of each of my prospective areas. I knew the rock where I'd shot the moon earlier wouldn't work as there was no clear place to photograph from without trees and a steep drop off.

I drove to the areas at sunrise the day before to scope it out. Lucky for me, there are a few good spots on the ridge yet that allow a decent view. That will change once the corn is 8 ft tall.

I settled on a place that I have used often. I also knew that the owners of the land near where I parked wouldn't get excited when they saw my vehicle there. They are used to me parking near their cattle pen before dawn. 

I brought some friends to watch with me. I had a watch party.

[Well, no one else was willing to get up early and go with me....]

At least they were quiet. I told them not to look at the sun directly. I did grab my sunglasses out of the car but Bear kept dropping them off his face.
Rabbit said they tipped him over.

I've always wanted to do a little thing like this...Pointing UP☝
It is a series of shots through a solar camera filter. ND 100000. 

The other shots were neat also, as you can see the details of the land where I was taking the photos.
Another member of the audience:

Just above an old homestead.

And then what we all were waiting for.
The Annular Solar Partial Eclipse of 2021.

My friends were gleeful and properly awed.

We wrapped up and went home.

It started for us at 5:26 and ended at 5:39 AM.

I am glad I put the extra effort into figuring out where and when I would be and that the weather actually cooperated with me.

Is it too early to plan for a partial Lunar eclipse in November of this year???


  1. Yeah you got it!! I thought about it...but have been just exhausted lately. Headed back to the cities this week...I hate that place.
    You have good company!

  2. Beautiful shots of the partial eclipse. Nice company too with the bird and the bears.

  3. I am so glad you got to see and photograph the solar eclipse!! Great pics! I need to get some glasses and a filter, so I am better prepared next time. Fun seeing how everyones photos differ of the same thing.

    1. So many shots did look 'the same' in a few ways around here. Those who did take photos got pretty much a disk with a chunk missing and orange sky.
      The filter was nice but I can't see using it for many other things. Maybe an extreme long exposure? Not even sure if I could do that.
      There is another partial moon eclipse in November.

  4. Brilliant, cracking photos

  5. Great Pics. I missed the Total Solar eclipse a few years back. It was cloudy, but I managed to get a limited shot through a break in the clouds. In fact, the clouds helped filter the sunlight. I SO Wanted to travel to Tennessee to see the total black out of sunlight.... But we could not get away. (My brother lives in Tennessee, but probably had to work that day.) Very cool pics and so worth the Early Bird effort. Next month there is a "Buck Moon"? Don't know if that is a certain color or just a farmer's name for the moon during July. I'll have to find out.

    1. It has many names, but Buck Moon relates to the time that male deer = bucks are now growing their antlers. Other names are Hay Moon, Summer Moon, and so forth. Interesting right? I took photos in the subdued light and my brother did go to TN and watch it. 2024 is the next one and I guess Ohio will have a full black out!