Monday, June 14, 2021

I see Faces and I shot birds!

 Googly Eye Tree

Pounty Lip Face Tree

I have to admit. I am one of those odd people that see faces in things. Hah! I am not alone. Aurora does too! 

Indian Chief?

Smooshed Face. Makes me think the tree ran out to play on the road when it was a sapling, and got a smushed face.

Other news.
Dry. I'm going to shrivel up and blow away.

Okay. I did NOT shoot birds with a gun. Of course it was with a camera.

This week was another experimental week with photography. [this IS Aurora's fault! Just kidding. But she did put the thought into my head.]

I picked up a 75-300mm used lens for my Olympus camera. Some reviews are decent some reviews hate the lens. The lens is super light weight. Mere ounces. I figured to try a used lens first to see if I'd ever really want one of the 'good' pro ones. 

Birds are hard! They don't stop and stay still! The lens had trouble with the clutter in the backround in the first sparrow shot. 

But this second try was pretty darned good. I can see I will need a TON of practice.

Charlie and I took a walk on Sunday morning and visited with the black bird that yells at us each time we stop by this part of the ridge.

I took this at dawn and for some odd reason, his eyes look like they are glowing!

This lens likes more light than predawn light...but...
I think I did sort of okay.

I kid you not, getting the 'shot' took several tries. I think the biggest thrill for me is getting one good shot!

I'm going to return to KVR early in the morning to do some hiking and beat the heat. I'm hoping to get near the Trumpter Swans this time with a longer reaching lens.

The heat this past week kept me from doing a lot outside. 

I did explore some new different looks for Artsy Fartsy flower photos.

They are coming up next. Extreme heat and cold drive me to extreme Arsty.


  1. Well done! I see faces too! Birds are hard and patience will get the shot! Have fun stay cool:) Extreme artsy is okay

    1. They are hard. I have some great shots of Orioles from last year and am attempting some hummingbird shots but man they are hard.

  2. So much to love about this post, and that you see faces too! Your googly eyed tree reminds me of the big guy in The Goonies movie, and pouty face made me laugh. Such a fun surprise seeing things when you least expect them.

    A couple days ago I was walking back from the barn and kid you not, there was clearly a little pony (the toy) rearing up cloud formation. I was in disbelief, and had to look twice. I hustled inside to grab my phone, but it morphed back into a regular cloud by the time I got back outside. Moving things rarely happen exactly the same twice.

    You got a new (to you) long lens?! Sorry not sorry :)) Your bird photos are already great!! Birds are hard to shoot (and find) and IMO most lenses have trouble tracking them. There are different schools of thought on best bird photography practices, along with all the equipment variables. I could go on and will no doubt figure out what works best for you. If you haven't already, check out You can find out about rare local-ish bird migration/location info etc Funny you should mention Trumpeter Swans, I am on the look out for them too ~ and they are around.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your bird finds, and your extreme artsy!

    1. My hiking buddy Bill asked me this morning at CrossFit if we could go out looking for birds at the KVR ponds soon again. I told him about seeing the Trumpeter Swans and he wants to go!
      Whoot Whoot!
      Yes it isn't the top of the line Oly lens but a new to me lens. I am doing an Aurora and carrying it along as the only lens on the camera while hiking, walking, and whatnot so I can get used to all of its ins and outs. I learn best by experimenting.
      This morning we watched a Summer Tanager!
      I've got to name the ones I've seen so far this year. It was fun having coffee with Rich and naming all our bird finds so far this year.

      Love clouds. As a kid we used to lay in the grass in the summer and watch clouds. My Grandmother said it would make us much smarter if we did that and looked for things in the sky.
      Maybe that was her way of keeping us kids quiet and out of her hair?

      Oh and I found an Oak Gall today.!

    2. Smart Grandma! She was totally keeping you kids busy. Summer Tanagers are so pretty, glad you had fun over coffee :) You will definitely catch more birds with your camera ready to go. KVR must have a ton of birds that are less common, lucky you!! Can't wait to see your Trumpters pics. You should consider doing the list thing on ebird. I was going to record what I saw, but got distracted. It happens way too easily.