Thursday, June 10, 2021

New floor!

The old floor. Old carpeting. New in 1996 but after many years of hay chafe, puppies, children, and spills, it was way past due ... the time to go.

The Tiny house was getting a face lift! Moving things out wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The loveseat sucked though. Rich helped but it he nearly fainted from sudden loss of 02 and exertion.

Imagine the look on my face as I saw the layer of DIRT under the carpet and worse yet, the fine layer of dirt under the carpet pad. 

Once upon a time our living room looked like this:

Mr. Morris is modeling the living room...or as we call it, the West Wing. Dark paneling, brick wall and partial brick floor. 


It looks like this:

I'm sort of diggin' the uncluttered look. After all, IT is a tiny house! I love the new floor. I skipped around, twirled and danced on it in bare feet much to the amusement of my husband last night. 

IF anyone has a wonderful idea as to how to convince my husband to get rid of that OLD trunk? I'm all ears. For now I moved it into the kitchen area to use as a folding table for laundry. It also makes a nice place to do some still life photography, so maybe it isn't so bad.

Some other thoughts. The floor is lovely. I CANNOT see the seams!

Below they marked the seams and said Charlie was not allowed out on the floor for 3 hours while the glue stuff dried. 

After I removed the markers, I can't see any seams.

Crappy shots with the cell phone, but let me say.
I love it!

It actually feels like wood on my bare feet! 

I'm just having the most wonderful 'Up' day.

New flooring on Wednesday and a partial Solar Eclipse adventure today!

What more can a person ask for?


  1. Wow the new flooring looks great!! Enjoy!

  2. I love the new flooring, it looks great and will be so much easier to keep clean.

  3. Love the new flooring!! If the trunk is important to your hubby, I would just let him keep it. Sorry, but that's just me. Maybe drape some fabric you like over it, like a table cloth or ?? I love tiny places/spaces, so cozy & quaint and easier to keep up. I despise housework, what a waste of time! I do it, but not because I like it. Enjoy your new flooring and keep dancing!

    1. Actually it has become more useful where it is now. It holds vases of flowers. It is a drop spot for my garden hat. The grand kids sat on it. I folded laundry on it.
      Who would have thought it could be useful? And I can store winter coats in it!
      Yep, it is a keeper for now.
      Housework? I am with you. I run a mop each day over the floors or the stick vaccum and it is awesome!