Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Bad Bad DOG! by Charlie

 NO, not me. I am a delightful dog. A loyal dog. 

I believe in "Make Naps/Not War!"

Cookies and Laps! Not growlies and bities!

Mom took me for an afternoon walk. She said we would go look for bugs and icky things like that. I sometimes like bugs to smell and see if they taste good. She said we'd go on the road and not the deep woods. 
I was happy and carried my rope up the hill. I was all in!

When we got down past the place where the people and kids live in a cabin, mom waved to the Mom that had little children. Their dog Kettle was next to their car and had on a cone thingy and its whole body was all wrapped up. 

Mom said 'Hi' and we kept walking. 

Kettle dog must have been in a very nasty and surly mood. She came out snarling and growling with her teeth gnashing. Before mom could pick me up out of harm's way the Kettle came at me with fire and ugly in her eyes. 
I lay on the gravel road and started screaming in terror.

The Kettle dog kept raising her voice and getting nastier. I crawled between mom's legs to hide and the Kettle dog pushed the cone into the back of my mom's calves. I think I peed myself and I think mom wanted to pee herself.

She said very calmly to the other Mom that she would NOT reach around or move until other Mom had control of her dog. The Kettle dog's teeth were clashing and making noises. I thought mom's legs were getting torn to shreds as Kettle dog was pushing the cone against her legs and trying to reach me. 

I kept screaming and squeaking. I couldn't help it. I was so afraid.

The other Mom's Man Person starting Yelling too at the Mom person. It was a mess. The only one not yelling was my mom who stood absolutely statue still. 

The Kettle dog was retrieved and my mom said nothing. She picked me up and walked down the road. She was thinking.

She had never had trouble with the Kettle dog before but I could tell this really troubled her a lot. She checked me all over. I was clinging with my paws to her forearms. 

Then I sensed mom got very angry. She doesn't get angry very often or very fast. 

She put me down and told me how much she loved me and how she was so sorry and she had been scared too as she'd been bitten more than once in her life by a dog on the back of her legs. She said she was thankful for the cone on the nasty dog's head.

She fingered her pepper spray and smiled a very nasty smile. Kettle would learn NOT to approach us ever ever again.

See? I am a happy dog. A lover and snuggler. I have never even growled except at lightening bugs.

I do NOT like Bad Bad Dogs.


  1. Charlie; That was scary! Glad you are okay!and your Mom too!

  2. What the fudge!! Glad you & Charlie were not injured. I hope the owners were at least apologetic. As someone who has owned protective dogs, it is the owners responsibility to keep them in check and prevent things like this from happening. You are way nicer than I would have been. Pretty sure my feet would have been involved (and likely bitten). So sorry!! I need to get some pepper spray, better than going ninja and getting injured etc.

    1. They didn't say a word and their dog is not a protective dog per se. Normally she is friendly and like a big dufus. She likes to bark and growl from a distance normally. Generally she will follow me on a run and I got so tired of returning her that I just let her go with me one day. The owners then built her a kennel.
      My pet peeve is wandering dogs in the country especially those that like to chase stock.

      I have been bitten while standing still before and it isn't pleasant. But I was pretty sure if I started kicking, I may have really been injured. Lesson learned, carry the spray in hand when walking on the road past a dog's domain?

    2. A normally friendly dog that knows you, acting that way makes no sense. Surgery usually tones dogs down, and they are typically not suppose to run and jump during cone stage. So sorry the owners did not handle the situation better.

  3. Charlie I do not like big bad dogs either. What a frightening experience for you and your Mom. Good thing Mom has a plan if it ever happens again and she will teach that bad doggy some manners.