Saturday, May 15, 2021

Your Post has been Deleted !

I had the most interesting bunch of emails this morning that really confused me.

Pointing down....

Then a bit later a second email stating that the post was reinstated after review. 
Very odd.  Nor could I find the reinstated blogs UNTIL I went back to old post and found that they had been returned to Draft Status.

Now they are back but I am still searching for one.

Odd isn't it?


     As you may know, our Community Guidelines 
( describe the boundaries for what we 
allow-- and don't allow-- on Blogger. Your post titled "March ~ Hello!" was 
flagged to us for review. We have determined that it violates our 
guidelines and deleted the post, previously at

     Why was your blog post deleted?
     Your content has violated our Malware and Viruses policy. Please visit 
our Community Guidelines page linked in this email to learn more.

     We encourage you to review the full content of your blog posts to make 
sure they are in line with our standards as additional violations could 
result in termination of your blog.

     For more information, please review the following resources:

     Terms of Service:
     Blogger Community Guidelines:


     The Blogger Team

And then.....


     We have re-evaluated the post titled "March ~ Hello!" against Community 
Guidelines Upon review, the post has 
been reinstated. You may access the post at


     The Blogger Team


  1. You are not alone in problems with blogger. I suspect some folks at blogger were busy yesterday as a number of sites I visit had been flagged with a possible phishing site. Within an hour they all had been reset and were fine again.

  2. Geez Val, what kinda stuff were you writing about ;) jk! I got some weird pop up Malware message when checking my blog via my phone yesterday. Looks like the computer gremlins had a busy day.

    1. Funny, perhaps some bad folk were going to hijack my blog and hold it for ransom! I know, I suppose I should watch what I write...giggling.

  3. Similar thing happened last nigh to me. Seems to be happening to Lone Wolf Concerto. I thought it was because I was blogging from a Hotel last night. It all worked itself out or so it seems at the moment. My post today went out without a hitch. (Russian Hacker Trolls?) I ended up reposting the post ( because I saved it to notepad) 5 times! Today I discovered 4 out of the five posts were converted to drafts...just like yours.) What's going on? Cyber Security???

  4. Well that was strange...have they nothing better to do? :(

  5. Yes I had that too - and I was a bit concerned as the post was lightly controversial!! Managed to get mine published again out of draft, phew!

  6. Just noticed the title of yours - Mine was something like "how can it be March already?" so quite similar?