Friday, May 28, 2021

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Not sure why this is bothering me but it sort of is. There are programs out there that advertise that they can 'help' you change the sky ... in your photo, easy peasy!

I don't know, but that sort of seems to take some of the fun out of things. I mean the other morning I would have wished for a more 'exciting' sky to accent my morning fog shots, but the sky was sort of dull photographically speaking. 

What if I wanted to make things more exciting?

You can really tell this is fake because I left all the extra details in. Even the crooked horizon.

This C 130 came right over 
pasture a week ago.

Most photographers do state it when they are doing a composite. 
I like doing composites sometimes, they are a fun challenge. I absolutely love those talented people who can make fantasy scenes.

Most of any composites I've ever done were pretty obvious.

Composite of different brushes, textures
 and free drawings to make a 'statement'.

Composite of interval shooting
because I was bored.

But I've seen some wonderful photos that looked astonishing and when I read the fine print, a sky was replaced, a building was moved, a storm was inserted... Cool, neat but then it makes me wonder if I can believe what I see sometimes?

The shot below is a composite that worked out very well.
The bear had the right light on it to drop it into a photo that I enhanced.
I put a sun glow-starry thing into it.
I added some rays too.
I would call it a bit of
a fantasy composite.

I'm impressed with the technology that we have today for photography. I am not a purest like I thought I was. I love messing around with photos and trying to eek out a little more umph to some things. It pleases me and interests me.
I do love trying things and therefore I cannot be a purest.

There has always been editing abilities to photos, it was done in the dark room.

My abilities have been in 3D type programs and fun things that are obviously not just the natural world. 

After I read the email from Luminar that said I could use AI technology and make my photos much more exciting I had to go down this little blogging blurb hole.

And we all know this photo below is fake! 

Right now the program I use is DxO PhotoLab. It doesn't do layers like photoshop, but it is a nice program. I have an old ON1 program which did allow me to overlay the moon on the Milky Way for giggles.

Over the years I dabbled in 3D art and in Bryce, but right now I tend to enjoy more of what is around me. If the sky is grey, let it be grey. Overcast days are great for macro photography. 

Uffdah. You know, none of this should bother me a bit because after all, I dabble in Infrared Photography where colors can be of anything I want, wish, or desire. So who am I to question anything? 


The weather is cold and dreary. Tonight we are to get frost advisories. Next week I'll dig up some garden and plant my corn, beans, and cukes. 


  1. Some photos are just too good to be true! I am struggling with e program I purchased one thing at a time and I will eventually get it! :)

    1. What program is that? I do love learning programs, they are like puzzles to do!

  2. We missed it. Heard it happened in the "morning hours". And we did not find out about it until the next day. Bummer, because the red color would have been cool to see. ( My camera would never be able to catch it.