Saturday, May 22, 2021

A wandering Pluviophile


It just started out muggy and foggy and turned into rainy and misty with a continuous drizzle.

I do appreciate a sidekick who doesn't mind getting wet. Of course most of the undergrowth is taller than he is. He actually likes getting dried off after the walks we take.

This is from another walk we did not the one we did today.

Sometimes I let my mind wander as well as my feet. Charlie doesn't mind it at all. He doesn't need my undivided attention as long as I can hear the bell on his collar and he comes back to check to me when I say *cookie*.

I sometimes follow narrow deer paths. The most fun thing about that is trying to continue to follow them after they disappear. While I was checking out how the creek looked, the sun tried to peek out for a moment.

The cold water from the creek and the hot and humid air clashed creating this mist/fog just hovering above the water.

The rain was never very hard and under the trees we were dripped on. We got wet but we were happy.

The rain was so needed and it wasn't at all unpleasant.

I know we wanted this rain badly! After 4 days of rain we are knee deep in grass and dandelions!

Pluviophile: One who loves rain; one who finds peace and joy on rainy days.


  1. This last week we have been having "good rain". The kind that mists in the air, but no downpours. IT is good for the plants and mushrooms. Also, it makes activities outside bearable since you don't have to "suit up" for a leisurely stroll through the park. The pooch looks cuter every picture you post!

  2. Pluviofile? I had to google it. I had no idea there was a name for those who like to wander in & feel the rain. I like rain, and all the freshness it offers. Love the way Charlie is looking at you in your first photo! Great series.

    1. Yes, I found Pluviophile when I was looking up the meaning to Chionophile. There is also a word: Dendrophile. I am more fond of this one: Nemophilist. I may use them in upcoming blogs with definitions of course. I like odd words. My father was a Bibliophile, great lover of books.

    2. More...philes I have never heard of! I will resist googling the meanings, and instead look forward to learning about them in your future posts.

    3. This one is for you and I:
      1.Photophiles (also Photovores) go toward light sources. ...
      2.Since illumination depends upon the angle of the rocky face, photophilic species exhibit a maximum range when the rock surfaces are horizontal. ...

      And one more:
      A PHOTOPHILE is a person who loves photography. They carry a camera on their shoulder wherever they go and post to photo-sharing websites all day. Named after the biological term for an organism that loves light, or functions best in it.

  3. I like rain as long as it is a warm rain! The air smells so good! Great new word!