Thursday, May 20, 2021

Sunday Morning Coming Down...

The weather statement had called for heavy dense fog in the early morning on Sunday and Monday.

I love morning fog now that I don't have to drive through 30 miles of ridges and valleys in dense fog on twisted roads that some demented twit dreamed up. Actually, the roads are old established roads and are notorious for being steep, twisted, and difficult.

Charlie went with me to the Merry Meadow to watch the sunrise. We wandered through the pastures to watch the sun come up over PeeWee's meadow. 

I wanted to experiment with fog and longer exposures. What I did find ~ and it makes perfect sense now that I think about it ~ that a longer exposure like the one below ~ gave me a 'star' effect on the sunlight coming through the leaves! 

Was it the combination of the 100% humidity and the light plus the 1/4 second of exposure? Well, I guess. I'm still learning about this thing called photography. If you want to see a large version, click on the photo. I didn't 'see' it until I got back home and brought it up on my laptop.

I experimented with a 15 second exposure in the meadow to see if I could get more of the fog that was slowly wafting through.

It sort of worked. The fog/mist can be seen moving past the branches in this shot. Nothing to get excited about except that I now know that I can set up for a foggy shot in the woods if the conditions are right to get that eerie feeling. I've just never tried it before. 

The fog lifted and the air cleared.

Monday morning was even foggier! What a delight. I just grabbed the Infrared camera and headed out to wander around.

At the fence line to the east and across the meadow.

Lil' Richard through the window while I was grabbing some coffee...

Sundance in the area I have been working on for the past few years to clear of burdock and brush.

The Greeter in my Forest Garden.

Rain now...
We have beautiful rain.


  1. I love me some moody fog!! You captured beautiful images. The Sundance shot is wonderful!! I find it hard to shoot in our foggy conditions. I haven't really tried it anywhere else. The moisture in the air makes my fog photos look gritty. I have a nicely morning lit shot I was hoping to print and enlarge of Harmony, against the pines surrounded by fog. It's not good for anything but digital :/ I make "those stars" by either blocking the sun partially, or using a small F stop (like f/22) with brighter light. Love it when things show up by surprise in photos!

    1. I used pretty much the same methods but had only tried this on Christmas Lights indoors before!
      I also use a DeNoise program to assist with noise in fog. And we have fog a LOT!
      That Sundance photo is pretty cool. The more I look at it, the more I like it.
      Thanks so much!

  2. They look like postcards! Very professional. Wonderful how far Cameras have come these days. I was just telling Cheryl about Olin Mills, a photography place back in the 70's and 80's. Everyone went there for their family and wedding photos. Now, people with a little bit of passion and a very nice camera can capture their own art. very nice.

    1. Thanks so much. Cameras really have come a very long way. It is nicer to be able to immediately review what you have shot and then work with it in digital.
      I like Infrared as art, it is fun and it is a passion.

  3. Very pretty photos especially the second on! It rained here this morning but not for very long:)