Tuesday, May 18, 2021


"Hi mom person." 

Okay, that was weird. For whatever reason, I heard those words.

"What?" I asked, not sure that I just heard that. And in the dream Sunshine's face was right there.

"You heard me, don't be so dense. Mom person. You are my human mom well, birth mom. Not that biological thing of course. You could never have such a beautiful child as me," Sunshine said. She continued, "Horse Mom had her short comings, I mean little ears and all. But you have almost no ear at all. I suppose you are lucky in a way, your ears don't attract flies and bite..ey things."

An image of Cheyanne, her mom kind of came to mind for a moment.

"Your mom was my very first equine that I truly loved. She was stunning."

Sunshine dipped her head in my dream and closed her eyes, then opened them. "Oh yes, my mom who dumped you so many times? Her? That scatter brained mom? Thank goodness my father was a sensible donkey. She was an excellent mom though. The best."

Sunshine leaned in close and looked me in the eye.

"I have a secret," she whispered. 

"Do you remember when I was injured for a whole year? The doctor man said I might not ever recover. And you came in every day and hugged me and talked to me? 
You probably didn't even know back then that we mules understand every single word you say. Most of the time we just ignore you."

"Well," I replied a bit weirded out, "um okay."

Sunshine winked.
"I get you. I know you. Deep in this heart of mine, I am with you."

"Um. You get me." I stated.

"Oh yes, I know you. Just like Badger did. My heart, your heart, we are connected. Truly we are." Sunshine breathed into my face softly so I could smell her breath.

"I know you."

I woke up with a start and tossed on some clothes. I walked outside and down to the front pasture. 
I flicked on a flash light. There was Sunshine staring at me curiously by the gate.

Her head nodded slightly and then she turned and walked away.

That was totally weird.


  1. Ohhhhh, my......how special and sweet!! I don't think your dream is weird at all.