Thursday, May 13, 2021

Not that newsworthy...

I live in a mini house. It is a cottage. The top photo is Charlie on our love seat recliner that we inherited nearly 20 years ago. His toys are strewn in that little hallway that leads into the other 'half' of the house. That is the kitchen/dining area that actually has a nice plank floor on it. 

The living area has old carpeting in it. It is nasty, dusty, and of course it has been through more than one puppy if you get my drift. When we remodeled, it was supposed to be pulled out and replaced. Hubby said he'd do it.

The photo with my feet in it is a sample of the new flooring I am finally winning approval for. I brought home samples of linoleum flooring that looks like wood planking. Frankly, I do like the planking on the kitchen floor but this cushy flooring I have as a sample is the same as what is in my bathroom. It is CUSHY! There is a huge difference in the feel of it when I walk across the planking vs the bathroom floor.

Personally I found some awesome 'rock' looking flooring but hubby wanted something that looked like wood.

I had several samples and he picked the old reddish barnwood flooring look. I agree, it is the better choice.

I was told that I didn't want sheet flooring, it would look stupid. But I expect since I will hire an expert to put it in, it will look nice. Bonus points for the fact that the flooring people will remove and dispose of the old rug and underlayment. Sure it will cost me, but I've been saving for it. 

Once that dusty old carpet is removed, I will be very happy. A stick vacuum and a mop will be easier.. well, I think.


He agreed to go with me to look at a replacement for the loveseat. Yep, my house is too tiny to have a full couch. At once time I wished to have a day bed. But I like putting my feet up at the end of the day. Plus it can only measure something like 67 inches to fit where I want it.

The very last project I want to do internally is put up floorboard trim. However that is not a hot issue. 

My outdoor work is continuing.

Pulling Burdock and chopping down Elderberry bushes that have taken over like crazy.

These nasty yet tasty things grow everywhere and by midsummer completely shade the grass out.

The shoots look harmless enough, but they grow by seed and extend by root shoots. They are less harmful than the Buckthorn but just as hard to get rid of.

So I work with a reciprocating saw and pull the shoots as they appear all year long.

It is a constant battle and eventually I will give up when I am older or no longer have equine.

In the photo below there is an Elderberry shoot with its LONG root extended next to a regular sized rake. Just wow....

And here is a section I have worked on now for almost two years to keep clear.

And this is why I do it.
Lazy bums!

The elder mule Fred with Mica who has breathing and heart issues. They are so happy to be with the others right now.

So there it is. 
Not very news worthy, but my week so far.
I will take the rest of the week off from hacking, chopping, piling, and burning.

There is a trail calling my name in KVR.


  1. I like that reddish flooring sample. That is going to look so nice!! Not a fan of carpeting, we have none in this house. Enjoy your time in paradise! Will look forward to reading about the KVR trail that calls to you.

    1. Thanks, that floor even has a slight texture! In about 3 weeks we should finally be rid of that old smelly carpeting! Sigh...

    2. Flooring has come a long way. So many amazing choices. 24 years and counting, our carpeting is still in our previous home...

  2. Your small house looks perfect to me, as I say of the apartment 'everything I need and nothing I don't'. I agree that getting rid of the carpet will make it so much easier to maintain and the reddish flooring sample looks like it will go great in the house although the rock would be a transition from the plank floor.

    1. Thanks, I do love out cottage/house. We can live in the downstairs and it would be smaller than most apartments. It is the outside that would be hard to care for. The remodel made out house basically care free.
      A broom and a stick vacuum with a mop is about all it needs with the occasional dusting.

  3. I like you choice! I hate carpeting, we have it upstairs but no one is hardly ever up there and never with shoes on. I love my tile floors...lots of work to install...i did it myself but I was younger then. I bet your area will look great! Little spaces are fine easier to keep clean. We have a generic roomba that Gene runs everyday.
    We are ok here, busy week:)

    1. This stuff is soft on the feet and will be warmer than the plank or tile on the concrete floor that it will cover. This just crossed my mind. That new flooring will look awesome in Still Life photography! Yes to getting rid of that old old carpeting and yes to fresh floors!
      We only have carpeting upstairs too and that is now storage basically since last year.