Friday, May 14, 2021

Dog Life


It can safely be said that Charlie rules all he can see from the porch.

He alerts me to the C-130 fly overs...

Yes, that is a huge plane and depending on the weather, these planes can fly just over the tree tops, sometimes once a day. Usually there are two of them, one follows the other. When they are really low, the mules pick up there heads and watch, then go back to their usual business.

To celebrate our Vac-a-versary [two week wait period after the vaccine], my neighbor and I got together for a glass of Champagne and some strawberries in her 'dog' yard.
Charlie has been a long time friend to her little dog Basil but had never met Stella, the mini labradoodle.
Lauren was concerned that Stella and Charlie may not get along and I told her that we just needed to let them be. There was a lot of sniffing and peeing to start with. Charlie seemed overwhelmed with both dogs at first.

When the girls crowded him into a corner he gave them a warning snap and immediately everything fell into place. The dogs quietly did their own thing while we had our Champagne and strawberries and caught up on face to face gossip.

When Allie came into the yard she grabbed toys and tossed them. The fun chases ensued and the dogs had a blast.

Action shots? These sucked but were fun anyway.
Charlie jumped higher than I thought possible!

Charlie: Keep your Eyes on the Prize!

Leader of the Pack!

Zoomie Time!

Things are slowly returning to normal which makes me so pleased. I have missed sitting with a friend and having coffee with conversation. 


  1. Great shots of Charlie, including the action ones. Action shots are much harder than they look. It's more about predicting and less about rapid fire. At least to this action lovin' girl. Looks like everyone had a ton of fun, cheers!

    1. Aww thanks! I realized that I didn't prep with my ISO settings but no matter. I just was enjoying the 'kids' chasing each other!

  2. The C 130's used to come over here once in a while too just above the treetops! Like you said two together. Good for Charlie to have time out with you and friends for everyone and fun playing too! I ate outside in a restaurant twice this past week that is twice as much as in the last year:)

    1. They have been pretty busy the past year but there is Volk Air Field and Ft. McCoy not too far from here, well, as the C 130's fly!

  3. Strawberry's and champagne sounds AWESOME!!!