Monday, May 17, 2021

I love giving haircuts

Well, that is ... to well trained mules who don't mind those nasty noisy clippers.

Messy Mica!

Trimmed and pretty!

I'll have to write about my dream I had Saturday night about Sunshine. It was pretty incredible.

Siera, partially trimmed

Stunning! However she wouldn't put her ears up for me. She wasn't grumpy, just nonchalant about my kissing at her and dancing around to get her attention. Siera is a cool mule. She likes people but loves to ignore humans unless they are brushing her and fussing over her. 
What a prima donna!

[Siera thinking...ICK ick, ick. I am not looking at her after she gave me that yucky paste to eat. Ick Ick. Phooey.]

I had a 5 gallon bucket full of mane hair. The winter flop manes were gone. The burs were picked out of their tails again. 

Onward. I had one full day.


  1. They all look great trimmed up! Too funny about Siera. Looking forward to reading about your Sunshine dream.

  2. I bet that was a fun job for on one time!

    1. Yes it was. When they fight you it isn't fun but the four trained ones are so good about it and I even think they like it!