Friday, May 21, 2021

Forest Garden

In just three weeks, the 'Forest Garden' has changed so much! The rain and warm humid weather of course is a factor.

Here is the view from the west side of the rock formation three weeks ago.

A view from the top of the rock just before the rains came.

View from below the rock.

I marked some spots where I planted seeds with dragons and dinosaurs.

The garden should be a place of curiosity and exploration. So I have little objects all over the area.
The neighbor children want to come and explore the rocks and garden so I keep things interesting. 

If you want to take a tour of the garden, I did a video of it. It is 2.5 minutes long. I am NOT a videographer so just keep that in mind if you watch it. I did enjoy trying to piece something together to sort of get an idea visually of what it is like on this rock outcropping.

This rock outcrop is rich in dirt, however it is on top of a rock. So I had to get creative with planting some seeds. I filled a hollow log with dirt I dug up and used the log as a planter.

Of course the unicorns will protect the seeds until the plants come up!

This spot is smack dab in the middle of the forest pasture so there is an electric fence surrounding it. Will the deer invade and eat all of it? Gosh, they might come fall. Right now there is plenty of browsing for them in the rest of the woods.

So I can be in my cool shaded forest garden and enjoy my critters at the same time!

This may explain also why my mules don't wear fly sheets and fly masks. They are constantly walking through thick brush and branches.

Just for fun. 

Do you see this grumpy guy?

And that is it... for today. 

Charlie and I plan on going exploring today. We like rainy days.


  1. Ohh ahhh, seriously - I said that a bunch while watching your video. What a great Forest Garden! Thanks for putting together the video, the music is perfect!! I don't "do" video either. Work people always look at me funny when I say that. No video and no media (radio/tv), just not my jam. How fun to have the mules within view of your garden!! That rock face absolutely looks like an old (grumpy) tortoise, to me.

    1. I've done videos, but never 'pro' stuff my oldest grand daughter loves to create videos. IF she were to visit more often we'd probably do some of that together. I have the gear and she has the techy talent. She can even 'make' her own music.
      That face on the rock is hilarious. There are some faces on trees I still need to get to!

  2. Looks like a great place to relax! Must be Marigolds that you planted! I saw the planter with Violas!

    1. Those are orange cosmos I think! Each year I collect seeds and dry them and toss them all in a big jar. I thought the Violas were like having happy little faces and that is a good place to have them!