Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Trail Camera Fun

It is so boring staying stuck inside for the deer gun season. Hubby doesn't like me going out in the woods at all for anything. However, I decided to take a short walk yesterday and refresh the camera SD cards in the woods.

Charlie and I both needed some outdoor air and some woods time. He needed more practice with his blaze orange vest. He did fine unless he was jumping logs and rocks. Sigh. So, on good trails, it is fine.

Still the colors keep him very visible. We were both in High Vis vests.

Anyway we found some amusing photos when we got back home.

Apparently some deer like 'Selfies'? 
Deer are supposed to be spooked by cameras. I have two in the woods and they stay in the same spot all of the time year 'round.

These two knuckle heads moved the camera on the tree. I have blurred shots of their noses I think, the camera moves and we see this:

The buck in this next picture actually has some nice antlers, when he walked away, we had a blurred view of some high and wide horns.

Then this guy came through....Wow!

I put one camera at a place I figured was a deer crossing from the neighbor's meadow into our summer pasture. There is a lot of traffic by deer back and forth through this spot.

And...something surprising!

Bobcat visit in the middle of the day!

And a 10 minutes later? Do we have a second bobcat or did the original one circle around?

My neighbor commented that these bobcats were pretty big and I guess they do look large, and certainly much larger than Charlie.

However they have been around since 2017 and haven't bothered any large livestock in the area. Their main meals are squirrels, rabbits, chickens, and small mammals. Apparently they will eat woodchucks and that is fine by me!

It is unusual to catch one on camera during the daytime though.

I've seen Bobcat tracks a lot last winter in this very same spot so I am guessing that they are just using the 'game' trail.

This trail is well used by deer, squirrels, raccoon, 'possum, and once in a while by turkeys so it makes sense to see the Bobcat hunting!

It is rather fun to see what goes on in our forest.

We aren't doing anything special for Thanksgiving. Hubby asked for BLT's as a special supper. Wow, that is great! Easy and delicious! I saved a pumpkin pie from the Mennonite bakery so I have to thaw that and we can have that as desert.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you both. Rich made a nice easy request there. Good!

  2. Wow, candid photos! I don't see deer like I used to. As far as I know we don't have any bobcats. That's ok with me. I'm doing the turkey thing for two.

    1. I am surrounded by woods. I'm smack dab in the middle of some no-where land! So I wasn't surprised. We suspect the bobcats have a den within a quarter mile of our place. Kits were spotted last year and this year.

  3. Wow that is a great rack on the Buck! A Bobcat...way to go...very wild at your place:) Your dinner sounds good to me. I am baking pumpkin bread now the gluten free then I will do regular and then the pumpkin pie without a crust! Busy day:)

  4. Fun photos. All the wildlife we see is skunks on the front porch. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving to me!

  5. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving, Val! (I’m a daily reader of your blog, but seldom comment)

    We have lots of deer, bobcats, coyotes and fox in our area as well. We coexist as long as they leave our chickens, guineas, and turkeys alone. It’s a constant battle even with an 8’ electrified fence! RHill, TX

    1. Wow! Thanks! When I have a garden going I usually have it protected by mules. They have access around 3 sides of the garden and rarely do we get critters in it.
      We coexist with the critters too. Keeping chickens safe was a whole different effort that we kept losing!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Easy is good :o)
    Those are some neat selfies!

    1. Thanks, easy was so nice to do.


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