Sunday, January 30, 2022

Fresh air recharge

We finally got our schedules to mesh up and go view the ice caves. I met with my ex neighbor and her kids at Weister Creek. 

Charlie was beyond happy. 

The view of the first of the two ice caves?

Let's just say there where a lot of ... Wow's!

The upper two iced areas are the ice caves that a person can get into.
Comparison photos....
Just a little over 4 weeks ago:

Yesterday in the same spot with me holding Charlie:

We did a lot of exploring and when some other folks appeared we let them have the cave to themselves.

The lower half of the ice formations were incredible with different hues of colors.

I would like to go back and climb down in there to get a closer look at the icicles. 

Briar was our comedian. He too, loves snow.

The second ice cave wasn't so exciting and two groups of people were already there so we hiked out to Weister Creek to enjoy the ice falls.

4 weeks ago:

Briar asked if he could explore the ice and I cautioned him to be very careful as the water under the ice is deep.
He stood on it. I wouldn't let him go out more than a foot on it.

When we turned to leave, he took a large step and his foot broke through the ice. 
Thankfully, it was just his boot that went through.

We hiked down to another ice fall area to explore the colors of the ice.

As we were admiring the ice falls and discussing the colors of the ice, we turned to see a woman walk out alongside the dead tree that lays across the stream.

We collectively held our breath.

I wanted to shout out to her to stay off river/stream ice unless she wanted to take a cold dunk.

She got back to the bank without breaking through and we all sighed. Too often people from not around here assume that the ice that forms over streams/creeks/rivers are the same as the ice that forms on lakes.
It is a very dangerous assumption.
This is the current under that ice.
We had to hold Charlie to keep him from exploring the edge and falling under the ice.

Exploring the area is beautiful. But one needs to use their head!

This photo was done with my infrared camera. Who says IR is only for summer?

We explored up one of the dry runs until we got to a spot where it split in three directions.
There was a huge log laying down that would have been a perfect spot for a picnic.

We enjoyed the warm sun and listened to the breeze rustle the leaves above our heads.

Charlie was worn out from 'snow swimming'. Everyone had picked him up at some point and given him a small lift. Being a tough little guy, he wiggled and was put back down. He was the trail leader after all.

We really had to laugh when we got back to the parking area.

Subaru owners do this on purpose. If there is another Subaru around, they will make every effort to park near the others. There were two more Outbacks just out of frame and an Impreza pulled in as we got ready to leave.

Mine is the dirtiest one!

Charlie was all ready for a cuddly nap when we got home.

As much as I didn't want the adventure to end, I felt relaxed and recharged.


  1. Wow what a change in a month! What beautiful ice formations!! So much fun, I bet Charlie had a good nap afterwards. Relaxed and recharged is a great feeling!:)

    1. It lingers ... the recharge does for a few days!

  2. You used the word incredible while I was just mouthing incredible! What a lovely place you have to explore. And how invigorating!

    People have no common sense. We had a person in our area who drove his SUV out on a pond this wee. Guess where the SUV is. Luckily he had friends nearby who fished him out and took him inside. They did attempt to retrieve the vehicle but it flipped and sunk. I guess there is a second effort planned for this week. Idiot.

    1. In our state, if your vehicle goes through the ice on a lake, you are fined by the DNR. I think that is correct, but the fine is for polluting waters with gasoline/diesel/oil.
      Locals know better to walk out on these streams.
      I had my little Jack Russell fall through ice years ago in a pond in our valley. I got soaked getting him out -- only knee deep -- however, it was a good reminder not to trust ice with warm water flowing from springs under it!

      Thank you, this place/area I live in, is incredible.

  3. Anonymous11:45 AM

    The infrared blue ice picture is incredible and get the nature recharge.

    1. No kidding Mary! I cannot get enough time off to find all the ice features I want too!
      Tuesday is another ice day and maybe I can grab a couple of hours next weekend!

  4. What an awesome post! I LOVE the pics of the ice caves. And the Subarus! (Yes, we park next to each other all the time...) Ice in Iowa is so fickle, I don't dare walk on any of it. Even when the rivers freeze.... the NEXT DAY they will be open water. In Michigan we would ice fish all the time and only once was I on a frozen river. Until we learned the Ice was 12 inches thick, I was pretty scared the entire time. ( strong current too!)

    1. I used to ski across a 6 mile lake in northern WI and when it was 12 inches thick, it would still rumble and scare the crap out of me.

      Rivers? I've seen them ice fish on the Mississippi but wow, you could not pay me to do that!

  5. Ice waterfalls are fascinating. I think the ice would be hard to lay down onto but I would probably have tried many years ago. Great captures.

    1. Briar is 11 and loves to lie down on the snow. Easy for him to jump up isn't it?

  6. Love everything about this, complete with great photos!

    1. I've been friends with these guys for 12 years! How is that even possible? We just had a good time. Glad you stopped in.


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