Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Chilled out


Our nightly visitors keep appearing just behind the outhouse and hear the north pasture. When I shot these photos the camera sensed everything as 'blue' and I guess the snow would reflect that just after sunset. I shot these through two panes of glass and set the camera on Auto to see what would happen.

The ISO went to 6400 and the photos are a bit grainy, but dang! It wasn't so bad! Cameras sure have come a long way. I shot these with my cheapo used long lens and still, I am impressed. 
These are the same fawns as I did the artsy fartsie stuff too but on a different evening.

The deer are coming to our weedy area behind the outhouse because the meadows and the forest are fairly deep in snow. There is easier pickins right here. As browsers, they don't stay long. But right now just as the sun sets they appear.

I call out to hubby to let him know the visitors are descending from the woods above and he turns off whatever he is watching and stands at the back door. He counts them out to me and provides a narrative while I do whatever I am busy with in the kitchen.

With wind chills as nasty as they are and a busy schedule with Video interviews, I have decided to give up even thinking of going out for anything other than providing warm water to those who don't have a heated water tank, and feeding those birds.

I went to clean up my spare room and sort some things and ended up messing around with ... well...

Guess who's coming for dinner?

Remember this song? 

Ten in Bed

there were ten in bed 
and the little one said
roll over
so they all rolled over 
and one fell out

there were nine in bed
and the little one said...

I have no idea why that song came to my head when I was gathering all these tiny Teddy Bears together...but it did.

I needed to distract my mind with something else after organizing the toys and art supplies.

So I spread out my old maps.

I'm thinking of a warmer day when I can get back on the trails. 

And I got this in the mail, very appropriate.

-17 F tonight with gusting south winds?

Saturday is the new date for the kids and I to hit the ice caves in the morning. After this week, I'd feel like anything above zero is warm and any time outside with others would be welcome.

Adulting is
sometimes tough...


  1. Adulting is hard some days!! The deer are looking good! I do not recall that song, but if you had monkeys jumping on the bed I would know that one! We are supposed to warm up late today so maybe that is headed your way:)

    1. I looked it up and I first saw it/heard it on Seasame street with 5 bears in bed. Funny, as that is the amount of bears I had!

  2. I love that Rich chose to stop what he was doing to enjoy the deer with you, so sweet!! As you know very well, nature has healing properties. It doesn't cure what ails you, but it absolutely makes things better and easier to handle!

    Great t-shirt.

    Have you tried putting your lens right up against the glass? If not, maybe see how that works with your set up. I spent years shooting with my long lens up against (plexi) glass during my son's hockey years. It worked well for bird shots too. Kinda like a filter.

    I sang that song as a kid and again when I had little ones, but with the word Monkey "Ten Little monkeys jumping on the bed, one..." or in your case, bears :)

    1. I think I first heard it on Seasame Street and it had little bears? I'm not sure. ~ yep, found the video, they had it as a counting song with 5 bears in bed! How fun!
      It went with:
      I'm crowded...
      roll over
      and they rolled over....

      I will try with the lens up closer but I have to shoot around hubby.
      Birds on the feeder and deer seem to catch his interest.


  3. It was 2 here in town and I ventured out to the grocery store. With the sun and no wind at all, it really wasn't as bad as I dreaded. I have packed up my Christmas dollhouse and put all the elves to bed. We only have six to a bed, not ten, but hopefully no one rolls over!

    1. That's great! LOL on the roll over!

  4. -5 here in Iowa. Bu thankfully no wind. That makes it a little easier to tolerate. I'm certainly glad we have not dipped to -17. Brrrr. Good luck at the caves! Have fun.

    1. Thanks! I hope it gets above zero today -- Friday!