Tuesday, January 18, 2022

For the Birds again

The sun was so warm yesterday afternoon, that I could sit on the porch and watch the birds at the feeder. They flit between the feeder and the pine tree and Hickory. 

What I didn't realize, is that I'd learn about bird habits and how they interacted. Generally I glance out the window and admire the birds I do know. It is fun to watch them come in, eat and leave.

So I watched. This guy is a bully as well as the Flicker.

He/she chases all the other birds away. Bully!

The Juncos seem to be more sociable. They even let other birds sit on branches near them. 

There are certain times that everyone seems to want to feed at the same time.

The cardinals are morning and late afternoon feeders. I generally see the lady cardinals before the sun shines into our hollow in the morning.

The male cardinals make their appearance and always stand out. He didn't really go to the feeder but seemed content to watch all of the other birds.

The Nuthatch would hit the feeder and immediately go to the pine tree where it would run up and down the bark.

The Tufted Titmouse is fun to watch also. He/she takes the seeds from the feeder to the tree and it appears that she tries to break it open on a branch?

She/he was really quite entertaining. My step daughter told me that she puts out peanuts for her Titmice. 

I never thought much of photographing them either and did NOT realize exactly how hard they can be to photo! There is no way I got decent photos easily. The ones here are a few I picked out of many, many others. Thank goodness for the ability to delete the crappy ones!

I am so proud of myself for being able to sit for one whole hour and just watch.

I'm the kind of person whose feet need to keep on moving unless I am asleep.

Well, I got the driveway and turn around areas shoveled out with the skid steer and I did not run into anything.
I dislike that machine and like it also.

If I ever had my choice, I'd get a little Mule or UTV type thingy to attach a plow to and push it around. 


  1. Yeah for moving snow! Your Cardinal is so pretty, we enjoy watching birds, not many here as back in the woods. Sitting quietly is a good thing, I love taking photos of birds:)

  2. Your bird photos are wonderful, as is the commentary. My mother and grandmother loved to watch the birds. Maybe someday when I don't have small children here. The quietly part gets lost.

  3. You got some great bird photos! I miss my bird tree at our old house. My feeders hung from the lower branches and our waterfall was nearby. The view outside one of my second story bedroom windows was right into the middle of the tree. At times we took the screen off and I got some great shots through the glass. I loved watching the birds up close and waking up to their songs! I think birds are extremely hard to photograph. I don't have the patience it takes. Does Rich enjoy watching the bird feeders too?

    1. Actually I learned to appreciate bird photos from you and the first time we met!
      Rich likes watching them and will name off the birds to me.
      I have a shepherd hook with the feeder and the trees are near enough for them to fly to.
      I have a screen off, but since the porch is in the afternoon sunlight, I can sit there and watch outside.
      It generally is very warm there. In the summer the porch shades the house from the sun...winter? Lots of sun!

    2. I do love the challenge of bird photography in the field. My fav is shooting on/over open water. The impatient part is the hours of waiting and set-up (and hope) that it takes to consistently get bird shots in native habitat. I doubt you could sit still long enough LOL! My random bird shots stem from lucky finds. It is fun to shoot them that way, let's do it again!! I do really want to try shooting through those KVR blinds you showed me.

      Fantastic that Rich enjoys watching the birds too!

      My mom loved watching birds for years on the pole feeder system I gifted her decades ago. I have it now <3 Cardinals were her fav. The bird activity really kept her entertained as her health deteriorated.

      Totally jealous that you have Titmice. I know they are common feeder birds, but have never enjoyed seeing one at any of my feeders. Everyone else seems to have them. At least I get to see one on my Christmas tree :))

    3. I do hope to figure out when certain cool birds are at KVR and go to that blind again. I did it once and had some great action shots of geese and other birds taking off and landing.
      Yes yes yes...

  4. It is so good that the nearby woods gives you such great birds. Your photos are wonderful. Yes, I take a lot of photos and discard a lot of them. Cardinal is my favorite. I used to get cardinals.