Tuesday, December 07, 2021

I'm NO Plumber


I watched YouTube Videos on how to change the whole house filter and I actually ID'd the things I should do. There is the blue thingy that has the house thingy filter thingy in it. There are valve thingies to turn off and do stuff with. 

Under the kitchen sink it looks pretty straight forward. Blue is cold, red is hot. And there are valve thingies there too.

Then it gets complicated because the faucet and sprayer hook up are easy peasy IF you are a mini person with the proper tools to reach up and take it all apart to replace it.

I may be mini, but I don't have the tools and I know I would just screw it up. The sink faucet works poorly and the spray thing squirts and makes noise. 
My neighbor looked at it a year ago for me and said the sprayer just needed cleaning. Yup. I tried that.

One year later? It isn't better, and it is driving me nuts.

After I proudly watched the how to videos and took a LOT of notes, hubby said.

Call a plumber.

Me: I'm sure I can do this. I just need towels and buckets and a water vac in case I make a huge mess. Maybe I should buy a plumber tool....

Call a plumber.

Me: ...and maybe I should pull my pants down and do the Plumber Bu....

Call a plumber.

Me: utt... Um. Okay!

Yeah. I called a plumber service.  Do you know the guys are called Techs? Nah, I didn't. 
The Tech will be out in a few days to see what I need and give me an estimate. I gave hubby one last chance to coach me in doing this Plummbing werk. 

You guessed it, he said.

Talk to the Plumber!



I got this....



  1. Rich is right!! There are super powers in knowing when to let others help.

  2. Those videos are great but seldom tell you what the experienced plumbers know. I agree, let them do it. :)

  3. I am married to a plumber. He retired from the railroad where he also replaced heating and cooling units and even was in charge of filling the tanks for the random steam locomotive that would make it's way to the yard for special occasions. When it became time to replace the furnace and upgrade some plumbing - we called the man. He doesn't want to climb under and down and around anymore and he wants warranty on the work. They have all the newest tools and carry the parts with them. He does supervise but our kindly plumbers and furnace people are very pleasant and patient.

    1. I agree with you. Of I screw it up, it will be more costly to fix!

  4. We have a whole house filter also and it gets changed several times a year. I know I am not strong enough to screw it out or replace it and I have watched it done many times:( Call the plumber!!

    1. Yes, the other half did the work before. Sometimes it took year for him to do it.
      I can train dogs, horses, mules... Breed a mare, deliver foals, and drive a skid steer.
      I am going to bow out of plumbing!

  5. Ah Plumbing. I have had more than my share of mishaps. BUt you will never learn if you keep calling the expensive guy with all the tools.
    I think I'm getting better though. I actually solved several problems now, with no one finding out that I swapped out the faucets in the kitchen, bathroom, and bathtub! It is always good to know where the Emergency water shut off is in the case of ... Learning by failure. Also, it helps to have those special tools that plumbers have. They seriously make the task dead simple. ( Ancient plumber secret they won't tell you on youtube... NO! Needle Nose pliers alone CAN'T do the job.) Watch the guy do the replacement and ask a bunch of questions. Next time... Try it yourself. Then you will be able to do it forever!