Sunday, November 28, 2021

Igloo and Creepy Zombie Clay snow people...

Sometimes I get a bit carried away with things. I touched up the igloo for my table with the little mini snow men [they are 1/2" tall] and Santa. I thought, hey why not make a tiny 'snow scene'? You know, that diorama thingy?

As kids, we didn't use big words like diorama. We just made 'set ups'. 
Setups included our plastic soldiers having an epic battle on the ping pong table in the basement.
We spent hours doing those activities.

I used cotton balls that were packed in a medication bottle to make white snow boulders. The tiny gift boxes are something I picked up so many years ago and have reused year after year. 

I should have left well enough alone. I went out in the yard and picked up some fallen branches and broke off tiny trees. I thought I'd make a couple of snow men/people. Why not? I had the tips of the branches to make arms. I found itty bitty seeds to make the eyes in the first snow man zombie. Well, the rest is history.

They look like zombies! Terrifying indeed! 

Yet, somehow I like them.

They look less scary in the daylight. I still used black and white for them and gave the little snowperson without the mouth an acorn hat.
The igloo is behind them. 

Do not fear. I am not all creepy and scary. I like cute also. 

Behold the arrival of the Polar Bears!

They are adorable!


  1. What fun! I love miniatures and your zombie snowmen are just adorable (not too scary at all!) I love projects that continue with, then I was thinking . . and why not add . . . Our schools required a lot of dioramas made in shoe boxes. I wonder if kids still do that anymore?

    1. I think they might? But my kids were finished with school 20 + years ago!

  2. Very cool! I like creepy snowmen.

    1. Yes, they can be appealing in their strange way!

  3. LOVE what you created, and your photos compliment the scenes perfectly! The crazy hair snowman & acorn cap are too cute 'er I mean creepy.

    Your last photo should be a Christmas Card! I absolutely adore it. The sleepy bear on top of your igloo & the way the bears are all looking at the colorful lit tree! Curious, what are the bears made of? They are super duper cute!!

    I became really fond of Polar Bears when my kids were little and they named one Aurora at our zoo. We visited fairly often, until she was sent to another zoo. One of my unrealistic dreams is to photograph them in their natural habitat.

    Thanks for sharing your fun, gave me smiles!!

    1. Don't give up that dream of yours! A trip like that would be awesome.
      Oh, I am having fun with the little polar bears, they are adorable.
      I keep rearranging them. I may even take them out on our first snowy day!

    2. I got the bears at Amazon, they are resin and are the coolest...