Saturday, November 27, 2021

Girry Adventures ... part two...

This is the second part of the fun I am having. Actually I am collaborating with BJ who is now acting as my 'editor'. She is a master of literature and many other things. She still needs to review this section!

Part one....

I got up the next day and wandered out the door. I mean She had gone outside with Charlie so I wanted to get a peek at the wild forest that surrounded me.

There was a large brown bear sitting in the grass not too far from the porch. 

“Hello there,” I said, “I’m Girry, and I am rather new here. I’d love to go explore the wild woods. Would you like to go with me?”

The brown bear shook his head and gave me a funny look. “I’m Moose, I can’t go on any adventures into the woods. There are hunters out there!”

He motioned upwards and pointed to his antlers.

“See? I have antlers! I have Moose Antlers. I’m Brown and I have Antlers. It is not a good idea to run around in the woods when you look like this!”

Moose seemed grouchy and rather put off. He continued to just sit in the grass and stare out over the yard. 

“I was sent here to be loved,” I told Moose. I wasn’t sure what to say to this grouchy Teddy Bear. “Why are you here? Do you live here? How did you get here? Is this a good place? Has the Charlie Dog chewed on you yet?”

Moose stared out at the yard in silence. What a grouch. Then it hit me.

I looked Moose over, he looked miserable.
“Hey,” I said, I have an idea! I can help you get out into the woods safely.”

He looked at me. 

“How can you help?”

“Well. Let’s talk about your Moose clothes. What if you took the suit off?” I leaned in and unzipped the jumpsuit. 

Moose looked at me in surprise. 

“I hadn’t thought of that,” he replied. He shrugged out of his Moose Suit. “By the way,” he replied, “You ask too many questions.”

“Oh?” Uh oh. That was a question. I sat down and was quiet. I too stared at the yard. 

“Wait until you meet Bear!” Moose said finally. “You will like him.”

“Wait,” I said, “there are more teddy bears like you that live here?”

Moose said, “Absolutely. There are a lot of us. Most of us bears came from second hand shops. She found most of them tossed in dirty old bins. The Wild Teddy’s live in the Forest from what I understand. Bear and Pink live in the house. I’m like you, I came from that place in Vermont.”

I sat quietly and thought about all of this. 

“Am I the only Giraffe?”

Moose shrugged, “Yup, seems so. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only odd one. There are two Rabbits also.”


  1. Fun to see how wise old Moose gets along with Girry! :) Have fun!!

  2. So nice of you to include/collaborate with your friend BJ. I hope you two get to meet in person someday. Enjoy the adventure!