Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I hate that!

Well the temps got up to 75 degrees or maybe higher today.
Time for Badger to get his spring haircut.

He's very good for me ... he just stands there and lets me take the loud obnoxious clippers to his mane and roach it.
Good boy.
In fact today he dropped his head so I could do between his ears and not have to stand on a bucket.

All the animals are showing some sort of heat stress from this unexpected heat wave. All of them have a slightly higher respiration today.
The only other year I recall it being this hot in March was the year we had a drought in Wisconsin.

Yes, it is terribly dry here too.

When I went to take Badger's picture, I discovered that my darling wonderful pocket camera had suffered an impact to the LCD screen at some point and of course half of the view does not show up!

I hate that! The new LCD screens are nice to look at, but I'm thinking that they may also be vulnerable to my abusive ways.
I've put 4,500 'clicks' on this camera.
Dang I hate this...
Dang I hate that!


  1. Polly and Badger have something in common. She got her ears lowered last week ... er, I mean that I roached her mane too!
    I am having trouble with posting photos on my blog. I don't know if it's the changes that Firefox made or if it is a change in posting photos in the blog, but until I take the time to figure it out, I will be blogless!
    hope that your drought is short-lived!

  2. I didn't have any problems yesterday and I use Firefox...hmmm, have to post today and see what happens!

    Don't be away too long!

  3. Clearly someone, somewhere changed something. I think that I must have attempted to post a photo during an upgrade of some sort. All seems to be OK for now, a little different, but working again. I think I'm BACK! Phew!!!


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