Monday, March 08, 2010


Okay so I haven't been back since the 'riding' disastrous incident. I had the pleasure of having grand kids for the weekend.

...and my chest breath, to sit, to move, to anything.

So I figured it would get better right?
Well it hasn't really.
So I wondered if I pulled muscles in my chest?
When I called this morning for an appt, they seemed to think I should be in there ... like yesterday...

So I'm going in a couple of hours to have it checked out. Perhaps I pulled some muscles in my sternum...which would explain why it hurts to breath and nearly 'kills' me to try and shout at someone...

It sucks to get old.

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  1. Or maybe a fractured rib? I'm learning the hard way just how long it takes to heal a fractured rib-cage. AND YES, it's a PAIN to feel old!!!Especially when it hurts to breathe. I wish you good news at the doctors, and fast heeling after. I know that you have places to go ... and mules to ride!!!
    Feel better soon!


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