Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grounded, sort of...

Since I'm still recovering from the 'torn cartiledge' in my sternum~~ well, I've been grounded. I did walk around in the muck yesterday to help hubby when he got stuck.

It was not a pain free walk. I cannot believe that such a little part of your body can have such an influence on everything you do.
Imagine having to consider how you stand, sit, and gosh...lay down to sleep.
How you walk.

I don't quite yet dare try the muddy woods, for if I were to slip, I'd have to grab something to balance me.
This would NOT be good.

Good things about this:
Can't vacuum.
Can't sweep. [tried these and boy it wasn't pleasant!]
Can't shake rugs. [did it but shook them like a wimp]
I told hubby that I was unable to cook...he was not convinced.

However I did manage to go through some of my photos from my little road trip last Friday and enjoy messing around with them.

My mules need brushing.
I know that is not going to work.

But I've watched 2 movies and read 3 books.
I'm getting cabin fever.

Thank goodness I have to go to work or I'd surely get on hubby's nerves.

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  1. I can SO relate!!!!
    Just yesterday I did manage a little brushing. It is harder than one would think. I just barely scraped the surface ... if you know what I mean! I'm glad that you can go to work and enjoy not having to look at muddy mules. Hang in there!!1


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