Tuesday, March 16, 2010

E-Filing Taxes

After I got home Morris and I took a walk in the woods. He needed to run around and find yucky things, I needed some fresh 'woods' air.

The woods are not muddy much to my surprise. There is still a trickle of water running down old dry runs.

We didn't go far because tonight was the night I'd chosen to do our taxes.
Yeech...Yuck. Ick.
I'd put them off long enough.

This year I tried E-Filing. What a bizarre feeling when you hit that button called 'submit'.

Poof ~ you are done.
And...well, for this person who always always has done it by pen and paper...it felt strange.

I felt like I should wait for the laptop to spit out something. I felt the strange urge to run to the mailbox.

I felt like making printed copies of the returns and just...
holding them.

Wow. Done.
Just like that.

Well hopefully more sunshine and more walks for me and Morris with all the time we saved!

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  1. Morris is looking quite handsome!

    Haven't been around in a while, hope your knee is doing well. I think the last time I read you had taken a fall. The weather sure has been nice lately down here, hope it holds for you.

    Oh taxes!!! I know what you mean about the efile thing. It is kinda weird.


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