Friday, March 19, 2010

Badger Update Asthma ATTACK Mule!

Badger ~ 16 yrs old, the prime of a Mule's life. He has allergies. What he had was similar to an Acute Asthma Attack.

His normal respiration is 9. After a hard work out and 15 minutes rest it is up to 11.
Yesterday it was over 72...I couldn't count any faster.
At the vet his heart rate was 38, 36 is his norm.
His respiration was 54, normal 9.

She was not able to hear any wheezing or evidence of severely compromised lungs.
She also said that the fact that I removed him from what 'I thought might be the cause' [where he was and the bale he was eating from] probably saved his life.

It is a good thing to know your animal intimately, I guess.

Anyway the DX was an Acute Asthma attack. Apparently Badger is sensitive to dusts and molds. He will be on oral Albuterol and a steroid .... which will be reduced to nothing in two weeks. The steroids help with the inflammation in his lungs and the Albuterol will make it easier for his lungs to process O2.

Badger is now in his own grassy movable pen, I soak his hay, and he is very good at taking his meds in a handful of sweet feed.
I can handle maintaining him if need be on meds.

After all he is VERY special to many people...
Need I say more [Grand children Ariel and Dennis riding Badger]

Many people have emailed me and called.
He is loved not just by me, but many many people.
I was touched.

PS~ I checked the 'oat hay' bale he was on... I mean I DUG through it with a knife. The interior was black spoiled and nasty. Normally my hubby digs through the bales and makes sure they are good.
The bales were taken out of the other lots and will be spread out on the meadow pasture to reseed and decompose.

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