Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When Spring comes March~ing in...

It is great to feel good again. Yep, I am past the hump I think!

I've been doing chores regularly and tending carefully to Badger's medications. He is doing so well, you'd have never known that last week he was in trouble.
His respiration and heart rate are back to normal, no heaving, no coughing, no signs of distress at all.
It pretty much warms my heart.

I had to laugh tonight as I prepared for doing chores.

I lined up Cheyenne's special mix of sweet feed and Equine Senior Feed and set it aside to soak on the counter.

I prepared Badger's meds and mixed them in a handful of sweet feed and set that next to Cheyenne's bucket.

I grabbed the puppy's food [Dottie] and checked to see if I'd missed anything.

Our kitchen counter is not what one would think of as a normal kitchen. Looks like we cater to animals first!
Let's not forget Morris who sits politely and stares intently with hopes of sending the message: FEED ME directly to my brain.
[If that doesn't work, he is very good at nagging.]

When I went outside with my armload of goodies, I was greeting simultaneously by one mule braying, one puppy jumping and barking, and one elderly mare nickering.

When I finished chores I stood in the [now dry] driveway and watched the 'gals' play buck ~ fart ~ chase ~ and act silly.
I was encouraged to see Dynah join in the silly games.

My husband came out and we messed around until dark. The sunset was quite pretty. Strider came over to the fence and I got a 'terrible' shot of her.
But with some bizarre editing, I came up with something to remind me of this beautiful March evening.

Badger seems bored in his small lot. I'm moving him tomorrow to another area. I swear he asked me tonight if we could go riding tomorrow.
Really...I think he did.
I swear it.


  1. Great photo that you "messed around with", and I'm very sure that Badger asked to go riding too! You all be careful now....

  2. I will, my hubby has decided to come along..I NAGGED him.

  3. WOW, you are so busy! I like your slideshow. I'm hoping to post a picture of CUT SHORT on my blog soon with a tear that slides down the face. It's up on Crime Time -check out the home page
    Cool, isn't it?


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