Friday, March 05, 2010

Some days I'm a disaster

You'd think by now I could go riding and 'be safe'.
In fact I was.
Our ride was stupendous.

It was the afterward that was disaster.

Lesson ~~ don't come home after dark and try to 'untack' in a big yank cuz hubby is calling for supper, your cell phone shows 2 missed calls from work, and hubby is saying .... *You gotta call your Sgt.!*

Well the sun had gone down, the temps had dropped..
I yanked the saddle, the pad, the bridle and whipped around the the old tractor
[that is parked 'conveniently' in front of the garage~~NOT]
squeezed into the garage and went to whip the saddle onto the stand...

and caught my foot on the latigo I hadn't bothered to put up correctly.

Bent glasses...again...
[thank goodness it only takes 3 minutes at Walmart to put them together]
Bruised knees [save the saddle! never drop the saddle!]
Sore chest [said saddle's horn rammed me in the chest]

BUT we did find the lens that popped out.


Supper was good and lesson learned...


  1. So sorry about your mishap. Glad that you had a wonderful ride. Hope that you can take some pleasure in the fact that your photos and your nice leisurely ride far out weigh your BIG mistake. Beautiful .... I especially like the long shadow cast by you and Badger!

  2. To really enjoy the great things in life there must be some adversity, or we don't realize how good you got it.

  3. Do you remember someone in your past who said "haste makes waste". I always enjoy your pictures. I fell in the mud this morning. The ice is still there folks.

  4. Oh dear! I feel your pain.

    Lesson learned from afar! lol :)

    Hope your knees are feeling better.

    And that first photo is amazing!!


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