Monday, March 15, 2010

A Crocus Smile

I'll bet you are wondering what the heck a 'Crocus Smile' is...well, it is pretty simple really.

Think about how long winter has been [for those not in the south]. How the snow piled up and the temps plummeted the winds howled at night, and you wondered was winter ever going to let up?

Then on a muddy March afternoon you walk across your yard and notice that after the snow has melted, the brownish grass is littered with sticks and other detritus that needs to be picked up and raked. There is so much yard work to do before warm weather.

One of the 'cluckers' follows you around making soft chicken noises.

You stop and look up at the sky and for the first time in months, it looks pretty with fluffy white clouds.

You can smell the mud and the sun feels strong on your face.

A robin sings and you see a red wing black bird.

Then for some reason you stop and look straight down.

There is a yellow crocus beginning to open at your feet.

You sit down in the yard to get a good look at it.

~~~and you smile.


  1. No crocus smiles here yet, but I'm happy to hear that you had one! :))))

  2. I had a snowdrop smile the other day. I'm so happy the snow has finally gone - at least for this year - and summer is on its way!


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