Monday, March 22, 2010

Mule Talk

Sunshine to Sundance: You see that? Favoritism. That Badger is the apple of HER eye. No fair.

Sundance [little sister to Sunshine]: Well, I heard he was sick, so she is being nice to him. Wasn't SHE nice to you when you got hurt?

Sunshine: Well, yeah.

Sundance: ...and doesn't SHE brush and curry us every day? ...rub us and tell us what good girls we are?

Sunshine: Well ~~ yeah.

Badger [who is nibbling grass on the long end of a lead rope while SHE sits in the yard]: Hey girls, you wouldn't have wanted to feel as bad as I was feeling. But just so you know?
SHE is my favorite human. If you want to be her favorite, stand in line.

Sunshine: Huh, that is rude.

Sundance: I think SHE really likes us all very much you know.

Badger and Sunshine: Whaddya know ... you're not even a yearling yet!

Sundance: I keep my eyes open and my big ears open. I hear talk. You want to be HER favorite? Behave like Badger and never argue with HER, always keep her safe, and give her them big sad muley eyes.

Badger blinks his big muley eyes and gets a rub from HER...glances at the girls and winks.


  1. Cute conversation amongst your mule family.
    Something that I noticed....Badger is eating GREEN grass! We don't have any of that yet, but the snow is melting fast and I have my guys out in the big arena today without MUD! I think that spring IS starting to happen. Maybe we'll all be out for a ride one day soon! Anyway, tell your girls that I think that you have enough fondness for mules that they don't really have to worry. They just have to realize that maybe Badger is a good role-model for all of us! AND that he has earned the special attention!

  2. Badger is a good role model and sometimes I have a hard time realizing that not every mule is the same as he is.


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