Monday, March 01, 2010

Mule Withdrawal Cured

I was getting cranky these past few weeks.
I couldn't figure out what it was all about. I tried hiking harder, walking further, and trying to get into some good books...
Nothing seemed to work.

Something was missing. I had an ache, a need, a want...
But I couldn't nail it on the head.
I was cranky, irritable, short tempered, tired, difficulty sleeping, listless, ...
in short I wasn't feeling very good.

What was bothering me so much?

Yesterday morning as I was putting water in the stock tank, Badger walked up and made his silly mule noise at me.
I smacked myself in the head.

IDIOT! I said to myself.

You've been suffering from MWRS.

And what is that?

I looked down at the ground. The ice was melted, slushy sloppy snow was under my feet. The driveway was muddy and sloppy. The sun was shining brightly and the warmth caressed my face...and well. I wasn't cold!

Badger let out another pitiful mule bray.
He must have been suffering too.

So I had to.
I just had to.

I needed the Cure.

One does not realize exactly HOW much they miss riding until the bad weather, ice, and cold keep you from it for weeks.
I'm so glad that I recognized the symptoms.

I don't think MWRS is fatal.
But it sure can be hard on those who may live with you.


  1. And Badger looks like he's glad to be out and about ... good change of scenery for him too! Good for you both.....

  2. Loved the video. Love those ears. Felt like I was along for the ride....thanks!


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