Thursday, April 01, 2010

Because I can

These two shots should give you a slight idea of the kind of 'stuff' I ride in.

I rode Badger this morning early before it got too warm. The farrier said to give him mild exercise because it would help give the proper circulation to his feet. This could prevent some issues that could be caused by the hormones he was on for two weeks for his 'asthma' or 'acute heaves' attack.

In the first photo you can see one of the ditches [dry run offs] that we cross often. The log in the upper left corner nearly comes up to Badger's chest. While an inconvenience, it doesn't propose a huge problem while riding.

I dismount and jump Mr. Mule in hand over the downed tree. This morning we did that three times.
Mr. Mule has been getting grain in the AM and PM so he can take his Albuterol. I've cut the grain back because Mr. Mule started having
I decided then he would enroll in a mild exercise class we call *Badger-cize*.

I rode in my Wintec English saddle ... after looking at what we went through, I'm not sure if I'm just a good rider or extremely stupid. But boy was it ever comfy. By the way, it has no OH SHIT handle...

Morris came along and enjoyed getting full of dirt and mud in the creek. He jumped logs and tried to mark every tree. He is sleeping his morning exercise off.

What a nice morning.
Now off to water and groom critters before going to work.

Tomorrow I plan on riding again.
Just because I can.


  1. Your weather looks prefect for riding and I'm absolutely sure that Mr. Mule enjoyed his Badgercise. I know that you did!
    We had a light dusting of snow today. It's suppose to clear up by the weekend. Actually it seems better already. Typical spring weather for SW Colorado.

  2. Wow we are dusty dry ~ I can't recall such a dry March and beginning of April.