Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chore Dancing

Don't dance and do chores at the same time.

But I couldn't help it.
Sunday while driving back from town errands I heard some songs by April Smith and the Great Picture Show on Prairie Home Companion.
It was by accident you know.

I loved the music so well that I did something I don't normally do. I bought the album and downloaded it from Amazon.com ~~ Songs for a Sinking Ship.

I then put the album on my MP3 player.

When I went out to water the large tank for the mules, I stuck the MP3 player in my pocket and put the ear buds on.
I pushed play and before I knew it, my feet started doing some sort of happy shuffle in the dew wet grass.
The mules and horses stared at me.
I didn't care... I was doing this funky little dance thing, off in my own little world... to the song: Colors.

One word of caution.
Don't dance where your husband can see you.

Rich came outside and started down towards me...he was saying something, ... so I pulled my ear buds [sheepishly]
and said:

He said: *Are you okay? You looked like you had something wrong with you!*

Note to self. My dancing = spastic looking movements to hubby.

*I'm okay, really I am.*

I held up the ear buds and pointed to my pocket.
He shook his head and murmured something about 'lurching zombies' which I think was in reference to my attempt to dance in chore boots while holding a garden hose.

So what?
I put the ear buds back on and turned up the volume. I danced and jigged while listening to April Smith's voice and her band.

I also know with great certainty that IF LURCHING ZOMBIES ever attack my farm, my mules and horses will have already have been desensitized to them.

Listen and you will have dancing feet too.

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  1. I read your post and thought that you painted a very good picture of yourself dancing to your chores. Very funny story. I haven't had the opportunity to listen to the tunes yet. We can all use a little music in our daily routines! Thanks for sharing the music and the humor.