Thursday, April 22, 2010

I need a project

Last year I worked on the identifying things in the forest like wildflowers and interesting plants.
It has really helped me learn to 'see' things differently.

While walking or riding through the woods I can look down and identify a budding plant.

*Oh look! There is a group of Bellworts coming up!*

Maybe that is not exciting to you, but to me, it is! I feel like I understand the role of the plants just a bit better.

I realized though, while I now can identify most plants on the ground, I cannot identify every tree I go by.
I can tell you the simple ones like Birch, Maple, Oak, and Elm. But I don't know how to ID others like smooth Hickory, Beech, and a variety of others.
I want to be able to identify them by the bark and shape of the tree [in winter] and by the leaves in the summer [and fall].

So I'll embark on this new photographic journey this year. Having a project like this helps me learn.
Badger and Morris will be assisting as usual in this new project.


  1. I latched on to the word "embarking" as in the word "BARK" ... part of your photography could capture the differences in the bark of these trees. You do have different trees in your "neck of the woods" than we do here in Colorado. Can't wait to see what you "focus" on. Sound like a good project that all three of you will very likely ENJOY.

  2. Oh we will MJ. I felt like I needed a purpose again this year.
    I am ashamed to admit that my Grandmother and mom could ID any tree just by glancing at it.

    I need to get to that skill level!

  3. Are you going to make a book like you did your wildflower one? I would love a copy for the kids. I also want to teach them bird calls and identification. What can I say? For all the students at RCHS who were taught by Jack Curnow, we have a soft spot in our hearts for these things...

  4. Yes I'm thinking of a tree book Steph!

    Now I have been directed to have purpose too!