Sunday, April 25, 2010

Faerie Land

I thought I'd take a walk with Morris and start our journey of 'finding' interesting trees yesterday during a light rainfall.

I'm so easily distracted. I walk the path and look everywhere, yet have a hard time seeing the trees as individuals.
This project may end up much harder than I thought.

I was easily able to identify an elm tree. A no brain-er though...

Of course there are the 'scrub' apple trees that grow wild in the meadow also...
[but I have as yet found the proper name for them]

Then I got totally distracted by the 'find' of another False Morel:
I spent a long time looking not only at the ground, but peering at the trees. The simple ones I could recall.

...and there I stopped.
I knew I was going to have to get a tree guide book. Plus I was going to have to learn to 'look up' at the trees.

However I did find a nice photographic treat. A faerie land picture of Mayflowers. I imagined wood elves and faeries dancing around the May Poles and it made me smile.
[ask me what kind of trees are in the back-round...and I'll shrug...I didn't really look at them, as the Mayflowers had captured my imagination...and not the trees themselves...see? this is going to be harder than I thought!]

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